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Godforsaken Sea : Racing the World's Most Dangerous Waters ~ Derek Lundy Fatal Storm : The Inside Story of the Tragic Sydney-Hobart Race ~ Rob Mundle 'Fastnet, Force 10'; John Rousmaniere Cold Oceans : Adventures in Kayak, Rowboat, and Dogsled
cover cover cover
Sailing in a Spoonful of Water : A Landlubber's Education on a Vintage Wooden Boat Encounters of a Wayward Sailor Sailing Alone Around the World The Perfect Storm : A True Story of Men Against the Sea ~

North to the Night : A Year in the Arctic Ice ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Alvah Simon / McGraw-Hill / September 1998
Our Price: $ 17.47 ~ You Save: $ 7.48 (30%)

A long-time adventure sailor, Simon is a veteran of expeditions in the Southern Hemisphere, including treks into Borneo. But it was the romance of the Arctic that called him for what was to be his and his wife Diana's last major exploration. It took them nearly two years to prepare, including finding the 36-foot steel boat that was to be their home and anchoring for a winter in Maine to practice cold-weather survival.

Sailing Alone Around the World ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days
Joshua Slocum / Dover Pubns / March 1978
Our Price: $ 5.56 ~ You Save: $ 1.39 (20%)

Sailing Alone Around the World could have been written yesterday. It flows free and easy and is filled with amusing anecdotes....Any sailor who loves the sea will be brought up short from time to time by the quiet eloquence of Slocum's writing

      Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran Sailing Promise: Around the World on a Catamaran

Alayne Main / Paperback / Published 1999
Our Price: $17.95
Will You Marry Me... And Sail Around the World? Alayne Main was 28 years old with an exciting medical career and minimal sailing experience, but she lived up to her sailing promise. She and her husband quit their jobs, bought a 33-foot catamaran and blithely sailed away! The challenges were immense - storms at sea, a collision with a whale and the threat of pirates

cover Rough Water : Stories of Survival from the Sea (Extreme Adventure)
by Clint Willis (Editor)

List Price: $16.95 Our Price: $13.56 You Save: $3.39 (20%)
In this unique anthology, Clint Willis gives readers some of the best sea stories of all time. Included are excerpts from R. H. Dana's classic Two Years Before the Mast, a shipwreck survivor's 74-day ordeal aboard an inflatable life raft; an eyewitness account of the Titanic disaster; a dramatic rescue at sea in a Force-12 storm; a solo circumnavigation of Antarctica, and a one-man cruise through the Roaring Forties. Rough Water delivers page after page of high adventure amid gales, swells, surges, shoals, icebergs, fog banks, sharks, and mutineers.

cover Maiden Voyage Click on title for order information
List: $10.00 -- Price: $9.00 -- You Save: $1.00(10%)

Dramatic story of youngest woman sailor to circle the globe
At the age of 18, Tania Aebi's troubled background had left her estranged from her family, with few plans for the future outside of a vague ambition to be a writer. Then, her father offered to give her a sailboat -- if she would agree to leave her friends behind and sail around the world alone. This book tells the story of her 2 1/2 year voyage, a trip as dramatic and touching

The Breath of Angels Click on title for order information
List: $14.95 ~ Our Price: $11.96 ~ You Save: $2.99 (20%)

In 1992 John Beattie set out to sail around the world. Joined at times by an assortment of exotic characters -- including a parrot called Hamish and the former Beirut hostage, Brian Keenan -- the joys and travails of his journey are depicted with complete honesty. But be it a storm at sea, a single-handed ocean crossing, or a near shipwreck in an uncharted jungle river, his humour shines through.

A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Tim Cahill / Vintage Books / February 1989
Our Price: $ 10.40 ~ You Save: $ 2.60 (20%)

Cahill is great! He is the P.J. O'Rourke of the outdoors! Fearless and hell-bent on overcoming all obstacles in his path, Cahill takes us to the oddest and scariest adventures nature has to offer.

Hen Frigates : Wives of Merchant Captains Under Sail ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Joan Druett / Simon & Schuster / June 1998
Our Price: $ 17.50 ~ You Save: $ 7.50 (30%)
Joan Druett's fascinating exploration of women and the sea, Hen Frigates, makes clear. During the 19th century, women often accompanied their sea-captain husbands or fathers on oceangoing merchant ships, enduring the same hardships as the male sailors
Antarctic Oasis : Under the Spell of South Georgia ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Tim Carr(Photographer), Pauline Carr / W.W. Norton & Company / May 1998
Our Price: $ 28.00 ~ You Save: $ 12.00 (30%)

In all seasons the Carrs explore South Georgia, Antarctica's, uncompromising coast, aboard their yacht "Curlew". Their deep fascination with the island, its wildlife, and its history will stir the spirit of adventure and discovery in every reader. 100 color photos. 2 color maps .

Time on Ice : A Winter Voyage to Antarctica ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Deborah Shapiro, Rolf Bjelke (Contributor) / McGraw-Hill / September 1997
Our Price: $ 19.57 ~ You Save: $ 8.38 (30%)

In 1989, Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke willingly set sail for a land of ice and snow. Their goal (reminiscent of the Age of Exploration): to captain a 40-foot sailboat, the Northern Light, from Sweden to the Antarctic Peninsula and back, and overwinter in one of the earth's most beautiful yet inhospitable places

Blown Away ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days
Herb Payson / Sheridan House / December 1995
Our Price: $ 11.96 ~ You Save: $ 2.99 (20%)

In the 36-foot ketch Sea Foam, Herb and Nancy Payson and their large brood of teenaged children cruised the Pacific for six and a half years. They experienced a certain amount of stark terror, but the delights far outbalanced the drawbacks.

cover My Old Man and the Sea : A Father and Son Sail Around Cape Horn
List: $19.95 Our Price: $13.97 You Save: $5.98 (30%)

David and Daniel Hays, father and son, designed and built a small boat together, then set out to sail it around the tip of South America, a journey that David had dreamed of ever since childhood. Along the way they fought and swore and sweated and shared triumphs large and small. --This text refers to the paperback edition of this title.

The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst
Nicholas Tomalin, et al / Intl Marine Pub / June 1995
Our Price: $ 14.36 ~ You Save: $ 3.59 (20%)
This book pieces together one of the most fascinating hoaxes in modern history. The authors not only use their own knowledge of sailing and that of Donald Crowhurst. But they delve into his past and deduce the turn of events that led to the ultimate conclusion of the hoax. The inciteful writing and use of original log books are instrumental in weaving this fast and engrossing story.
cover Around the World Single-Handed : The Cruise of the 'Islander';

List: $7.95 ~ Our Price: $6.36 ~ You Save: $1.59 (20%)

First hand narrative recounts authors circumnavigation of the globe on 34 foot sailboat he built himself. Tropic islands, natives, storms and many other adventures

Around the World in Wanderer III

Hiscock, Eric Hiscock / Sheridan House / October 1997
Our Price: $ 13.20 ~ You Save: $ 3.30 (20%)

On July 24, 1952 Eric Hiscock and his wife, Susan, set out from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, in their 30-foot sailing yacht Wanderer III, and before long they were experiencing a gale in the Bay of Biscay. Just under three years later they arrived back in Yarmouth, having encircled the globe

Dove;Click on title for order information

List: $12.00 ~ Our Price: $9.60 ~ You Save: $2.40 (20%)

In 1965, 16-year-old Robin Lee Graham began a solo around-the-world voyage from San Pedro, California, in his 24-foot sloop, Dove. Five years and 33,000 miles later, he had accomplished what few would dare attempt, returning to port with a wife and daughter and enough extraordinary experiences to fill this bestselling book. 32 pages of photographs.

Sails Full and by; Click on title for order information
Dom Degnon;

List: $27.50 ~ Our Price: $19.25 ~ You Save: $8.25 (30%)

Sails Full and By is the light-hearted tale of a seven-year circumnavigation aboard Taku, a 41-foot ketch. Skipper Dom and Celia, a sailing friend who will share most of the trip, are constantly gainingand losing crew: friends, relatives, and hired hands.

cover Taking the HelmClick on title for order information
by Cynthia Flanagan , Dawn Riley
List: $24.95 ~ Our Price: $17.47 ~ You Save: $7.48 (30%)

America's top woman sailor tells how she brought the U. S. Women's Challenge to an against-all-odds finish in the harrowing Round-the-World Whitbread Race in spite of dissent, disagreements, and life-threatening weather.

cover Encounters of a Wayward Sailor

Click on title for order information

Tristan Jones;


List: $17.50 ~ Our Price: $14.00 ~ You Save: $3.50 (20%)

cover One Hand for Yourself One for the Ship : The Essentials of Single Handed SailingClick on title for order information

Tristan Jones; Paperback;

List: $16.50 ~ Our Price: $13.20 ~ You Save: $3.30 (20%)

cover Spray : The Ultimate Cruising Boat Click on title for order information
List: $29.95 -- Price: $26.96 -- You Save: $2.99(10%)

Book News, Inc., 09/01/95:
Commemorating the centenary of Joshua Slocum's first singlehanded sailing voyage around the world, examines the Spray boat design, as Slocum adapted it and as it has continued to evolve. Examines the boat's design, lines plans and sail plan; gives highlights of Slocum's voyage; and recounts the building, sailing, and cruising experience of the many Spray replicas and copies around the world. Highly illustrated in black and white. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


Robin Knox-Johnston; Hardcover;

A World of My Own;
Click on title for order information

List: $29.95 ~ Our Price: $20.97 ~ You Save: $8.98 (30%)

The first non-stop, single-handed voyage around the world  in the tiny Ketch Suhaili an incredible adventure by Robin Knox-Johnston

cover Sea Change : Alone Across the Atlantic in a Wooden Boat

This luminous, multilayered memoir provides a window into the lives and loves of people who go to sea in small boats. Nichols and his wife sailed aboard a wooden sailboat for five years, through the Caribbean and across the Atlantic to England, where their marriage foundered. Sea Change tells the story of how Nichols returned to the sea alone to discover the hidden truths about his boat, his marriage, and himself.

List: $23.95 ~ Our Price: $16.77 ~ You Save: $7.18 (30%)

cover The Mooneshine Logs

Our Price: $16.77 ~ You Save: $7.18 (30%)

Midwest Book Review:
The Mooneshine Logs is a wonderfully moving and insightful account covering Francis Stokes' modest beginnings in ocean racing to his later triumphs in his beloved Mooneshine. Stokes tells of his first transatlantic crossing in 1970 when he sailed Crazy Jane from Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, to Plymouth, England. During the ensuing 15 years, Stokes participated as a single-hander in many of the major ocean races of the time

cover Survive the Savage Sea (Sailing Classics) ~

Dougal Robertson / Paperback / Published 1994
Our Price: $11.96 ~ You Save: $2.99 (20%)
Riveting true story of a disaster at sea.
A fascinating account of a family surviving the sinking of their sailboat by killer whales. For 37 days they battled the elements, hunger and thirst before finally being rescued. A great read! Highly recommneded., 06/15/97,

cover Capt. Joshua Slocum : The Life and Voyages of the America's Best Known Sailor; Click on title for order information

by Victor Slocum

List: $16.50 Our Price: $13.20 You Save: $3.30 (20%)
Published by Sheridan House

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