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The Complete Rigger's Apprentice : The Last Voyage : The Story of Schooner Third Sea A Glance: American Clipper Ships, The Tall Ship in Art :Derek Gardner(Illustrator), et al
	    Sail Vessel Operations cover
Auxiliary Sail Vessel Operations : For the Aspiring Professional Sailor Tall Ships of the World A Glance: The Tall Ships of Today in Photographs Tall Ships;

cover The Schooner : Its Design and Development from 1600 to the Present - David R. MacGregor; Hardcover

List Price: $42.95 Our Price: $30.07 You Save: $12.88 (30%)
This book is a comprehensive history of the rig's development from its emergence in Holland in the early years of the seventeenth century right up to the present when it is experiencing a renaissance in the world of luxury charter. In this broad-ranging survey the author describes in detail the development of this beautiful rig and gives examples of all these types; in doing so he tells a rich and varied story which delves into every corner of maritime history.

cover The American Fishing Schooners : 1825-1935

~ Ships in 2-3 days

Howard I. Chapelle / Hardcover / Published 1995
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Windjammer Watching on the Coast of Maine : A Guide to the Famous Windjammer Fleet and Other Traditional Sailing Vessels
Our Price: $11.95

tells how to identify all the individual vessels and gives histories of all the Maine windjammers, plus the schooner Bowdoin and others that either hail from Maine or regularly sail its waters.

Arctic Schooner Bowdoin : A Biography
Midwest Book Review
Author Virginia Thorndike's love of sailing and great boats shines through in her lively portrait of this remarkable vessel. The 74-year-old Bowdoin comes alive through the personal journals, published records, and tales from dozens of people whose lives have been changed by their time spent with the schooner. Thorndike traces the Bowdoin's diverse lives from an exploration vessel and conscript in the Navy during WW II, to a museum exhibit and a classroom for Outward Bound. The biography includes historic, black-and-white photos of the Bowdoin and those who have sailed aboard her on more than 25 Arctic voyages, as well as outstanding color photos by acclaimed photographer Tom Stewart. Today, owned by Maine Maritime Academy.
cover Hen Frigates : Wives of Merchant Captains Under Sail ~

Joan Druett  -Our Price: $17.50 ~ You Save: $7.50 (30%)

Maritime historian Druett offers an intimate glimpse into the unconventional lives of the wives of nineteenth-century sailing captains who chose to accompany their husbands on their arduous and often perilous voyages. Interweaving journal entries and passages of letters penned by the intrepid women who ran households aboard the "hen frigates,"

cover The Making of a Sailor/or Sea Life Aboard a Yankee Square-Rigger ~ Usually ships in 24 hours

Frederick Pease Harlow / Hardcover / Published 1988
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cover The Sea Wolf

List Price: $3.95 Our Price: $3.16 You Save: $0.79 (20%)
The Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature , April 1, 1995
Novel by Jack London, published in 1904. This highly popular novel combines elements of naturalism and romantic adventure. The story concerns Humphrey Van Weyden, a refined castaway who is put to work on the motley schooner Ghost. The ship is run by brutal Wolf Larsen, who, despite his intelligence and strength, is antisocial and self-destructive. Hardened by his arduous experiences at sea, Humphrey develops strength of both body and will, protecting another castaway, Maud Brewster, and facing down the increasingly deranged Larsen.



The Boat Who Wouldn't Float

Farley Mowat / Mass Market Paperback / Published 1989
Our Price: $3.60 ~ You Save: $0.90 (20%)

Gerry Tetz (, 05/02/97, rating=10:
Even landlubbers will laugh 'til they're seasick!
Farley Mowat has been accused of sitting in a Toronto bar while concocting these wonderfully stirring tales of the island rock, Newfoundland. Put your mind at ease, mates, and enjoy the book as a true treasure. I lived in Newfoundland for three years before discovering this book. I can heartily recommend you read it with good appetite! It is a cake mixed with truth skillfully told, covered with a frosting of humor, and served with a piquant flourish.These saltwater tales, revolving around Mowats' titanic struggle to find, refurbish and actually sail a boat determined to sink herself and all hands, are chalk full of laughs, tension, tragedy, and still more laughs. Its truths are better than any fiction.Haul up your anchor and sail away with this master storyteller as he outsalts the famed Royal Canadian Mounted Police, falls into the rummish cluthes of Screech, narrowly escapes icy death, and finds the beautiful maiden."The Boat Who Wouldn't Float" is a worthy vessel in which to sail the seas of leisure time. So fill your cup and drink deeply while the captain spins his tales.

The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor, or a Key to the Leading of Rigging and to Practical Seamanship - Darcy Lever;
List Price: $14.95
Our Price: $11.96

First published in 1806, the Young Sea Officer Sheet Anchor became a standard guide throughout the 19 century in both England and United States. More then 30 years have passed since the most recent republication, and this hard to find volume- first editions command $1200 and up. Is certain to be welcome by anyone with maritime interests. Darcy Lever compiled the text for "a young gentleman whose inclination that time led him to the choice of sea-faring life," and the author latter expanded its contents for the general use of young officers in the Royal Navy and East India Company. Starting with a precise explation of the principle of rigging, the text proceeds to a well defined account of the ship operation through the effect of the wind on it sails. Tacking, use of compass, the art of swinging a ship at single anchor, casting and numerous other aspects of seamanship receive close attention and clear definitions. Detailed drawing accompany the ample directions for splicing ropes, making sails and other practical measures; indeed ever page of this book features clear well drawn illustrations of the procedure under discussion and its execution. Unabridged replication of the second edition published by John Richardson, London 1819 New Introduction. Appendix. A Dictionary of Sea Terms

Copy From Dover Spring Catalog 1998

cover A Bride's Passage : Susan Hathorn's Year Under Sail ~

Susan Hathorn speaks for herself through her diary, but Ms. Petroski provides background and insightful comments that explain some of Susan's more obscure references. Newly married, Susan accompanied her husband on his ship to England and the West Indies. She kept this diary for the whole year of 1855 while she was on the ship and then when she was left behind in their hometown in Maine because she was expecting a baby

Mutiny on the Amistad ~ Amistad

Amistad Rising : The Story of Freedom

Amistad : 'Give Us Free' Mutiny on the Amistad ~
The Amistad Slave Revolt and American Abolition ~ Amistad Amistad Amistad : A Long Road to Freedom
Black Mutiny : The Revolt on the Schooner Amistad ~ Amistad : The Slave Uprising Aboard the Spanish Schooner ~ Amistad : A Junior Novel ~ ~ Black Mutingy : The Revolt on the Schooner Amistad Black Mutiny : The Revolt on the Schooner Amistad

The Three-Masted Schooner James Miller : A History and Model Maker's Source Book -

The Schooner Bertha L. Downs (Anatomy of the Ship)

The Stonehook Schooner

Schooners (Great Lakes Album Series)

Captains Courageous

George Washington's Schooners : The First American Navy

Chesapeake Bay Schooners

The Vagabond Fleet : A Chronicle of the North Pacific Sealing Schooner Trade

Built on Honor, Sailed With Skill : The American Coasting Schooner

A Passage in Time : Along the Coast of Maine by Schooner

George Washington's Schooners : The First American Navy

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