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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Christian Radich

Christian Radich entering Muskegon Harbor

Christian Radich entering Muskegon Harbor during 1976 visit. Photo by Tom VanOosterhout © Schoonerman

Christian Radich entering Muskegon Harbor Breakwater

3 Masted Sailing Ship 
Length         192 Feet
Beam             32 Feet
Hull                Steel
Diesel             450 hp,
Sail                 11,700 sq. ft 
Displacement    676 Tons

The Christian Radich is a full-rigged ship built in 1937 in Sandefjord, Norway. .In 1939 "Christian Radich" sailed to New York for the first time in connection with the World Expedition.

The Christian Radich sailed back to Norway late in 1939. The Navy requisitioned the ship and she was sailed to Horten where she was to be used as lodgings. Shortly after the invasion on April 9th 1940, the Germans took the ship, and during the war She served mainly as depot ship for crew on German submarines. In 1944 she was brought to Germany to be used as training ship for the Navy. She was docked in Flensburg in January 1945 and was in dock during an air raid. The dock was hit and the ship keeled over. The hull and deck suffered great injuries and she sank, only part of the rig sticking out of the water.  She was towed back to Norway and was rebuilt in the same yard where she was built in 1937.

She resumed her schoolship operations in 1947 and in 1956-1957 she went on a long trans-Atlantic cruise during which the wide-screen Cinerama film "Windjammer" was shot aboard. 

In 1976, the USA’s 200th anniversary and the 150th anniversary of the emigration to the USA were to be celebrated. And in April, "Christian Radich" sailed from Stavanger.  The trip to the USA in 1976 was organised in co-operation with Norway’s information service in New York, the Norwegian National Export Council, Op Sail, STA and the 200th Anniversary Committee.  After the celebration, "Christian Radich" sailed a five-week cruise to the Great Lakes. The ship visited several ports including Muskegon Michigan


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