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Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management

Brigs and Barques:
Images and Artworks from the Golden Age of Sail

Haze Gray & Underway - Naval History and Photography
The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, commonly known as DANFS, is the foremost reference regarding US naval vessels. Filling eight volumes, it gives histories for virtually every US naval vessel. To make DANFS accessible to a larger number of people, we are working to put all DANFS ship histories online through this site. Currently the online collection includes over 3500 ship histories, and more are being added. These files are faithfully transcribed Andrew Toppan is the project manager, volunteer coordinator and web archive maintainer.

Naval Vessel Register is the "Official Inventory of US Naval Ships and Service Craft." It contains technical specifications for many ships now or formerly in the American naval fleet.

Detroit Publishing Company Photographs Search
Not a maritime site but lot of maritime photos in this Library of Congress collection. Their are25,000 photographs of turn-of-the-century America from the Detroit Publishing Company.
Tall Ship International Magazine Online ...
Tall Ship International Is a magazine with a colorful web site with interesting copy relating to tall ship activities throughout the world,
The Maritime History Virtual Archives (Lars_Bruzelius)
This is one of the oldest maritime sites and one of the best  with no pictures  just a super document site. THANK YOU Lars Bruzelius.
Canadian Maritime Commerce
This site has a Ship Information Data Bases online Information data bases include ship registry information on some 13,000 ships. Also host MARHST-L A listserver for those interested in marine history and marine museums

Great Lakes Shipwreck Research Foundation GLSRF Online Searchable Databases The following databases have been developed by the GLSRF and are being made available as a public service by the Great Lakes Shipwreck Research Foundation.

  • The David Swayze Great Lakes Shipwreck File - Transcribed into a multi-field searchable database & hosted by GLSRF.
  • Diveable Great Lakes Shipwreck Coordinate Database from Kimm Stabelfeldt
  • Great Lakes Dive Shop, Charter & Club Directory from Brendon Baillod
  • Wisconsin Marine Historical Society Online Searchable Databases (Hosted by GLSRF)
  • Great Lakes Vessel Enrollment Database - nearly 50,000 vessel enrollments covering about 13,000 unique vessels transcribed from microfilm by the WMHS over several years.
  • Save Ontario Shipwrecks Online Searchable Databases  (Hosted by GLSRF)
  • Historical Great Lakes Vessel Accidents from "History of the Great Lakes" by John Brandt Mansfield. Transcribed by Save Ontario Shipwrecks
  • Loudon S. Wilson's Great Lakes Directory of Commercial Sail - Transcribed by Save Ontario Shipwrecks.

Maritime History and Naval Heritage Index

"Ships of the Old Navy" An alphabetical, anecdotal history of the sailing warships of the Royal Navy from approx. the 1780s to the 1840s. This is in a state of constant revision as new material is added and the starting date is moved back to 1761. The entries A1 - A5 have been revised as of 1 January.

The Great Lakes Shipwreck File 1679 - 1998   by Dave Swayze

Maritime History of the Great Lakes

This site is an ongoing experiment in the design of a "digital library", a collection of documents intended to be of value to those researching Great Lakes History.

Maritime History Research on the Internet

Queensland Shipwrecks

Sailing Ships  Fredrik Sandström Data Base

Save Ontario Shipwrecks

Schooner Man Information Exchange

The Naval Chronicle : The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War, 1793-1798 (The Naval Chronicle , No 1)

From 1799 to 1819 more than 1,000 pages of British naval news and views were published every year in The Naval Chronicle, including action reports, intelligence of foreign naval matters, and biographies of officers. In short, it was the most important original account of the naval part of the Napoleonic Wars. Outside the major libraries the 40 volumes of The Naval Chronicle are not generally available. This new consolidated edition, in five volumes, contains all the most significant material from the originals, including Admiral Nelson's only autobiographical record.

Nicholas Tracy, a member of the history department of the University of New Brunswick, is the editor of Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail and the author of the definitive Nelson's Battles

The Naval Chronicle : The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War, 1793-1798
The Naval Chronicle : The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War, 1799-1804
The Naval Chronicle: The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War, Volume III: 1805­1806
The Naval Chronicle: The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War, Volume IV: 1807­1809
The Naval Chronicle : The Contemporary Record of the Royal Navy at War, 1811-1815


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