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CARROLL A. DEERING, Official number 217838, was built 1919 by G. G. Deering in Bath, Me. Her owner was G. G. Deering Co., and whe was homeported in Bath. She was of wood construction, 5 masted schooner, 2 decks, tonnage gross: 2114 net: 1878 and her offical letters were LQPD. Her dimensions [feet] were length: 255.1, breadth: 44.3, depth: 25.3. In Lloyds Register of Shipping 1921/22, her master was listed as W. Merritt.

CARROLL A. DEERING [217838], while on passage from Rio de Janerio in ballast, she stop at Barbado, British West Indies, then set sail for Norfolk, Virginia. The five-masted schooner passed Lookout Shoals Lightship off Cape Hatteras on January 29, 1921. She was caught in a gale and was located on the 31st stranded at Diamond Shoals. Investigations were held by the Coast Guard and Navy with no conclusion on what happen to the crew of 11, although they found the ship's cat on board. List of Merchant Vessels of the US 1921 lists her as stranded on January 31, 1921 off Hatteras, 11 on board 11 lost.

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