Falls of Clyde

The worlds only surviving four masted full rigged sailing ship.  Built in 1878 by Russell @ Company Port Glassgow, Scotland      

Falls of Clyde from tower at Hawai'I Maritime Center
Schoonerman Photos February 2001

Length 280

Length on Deck 266

Breth 40 Ft

Depth of Hole 25 ft

Mast Height 138 Ft

Net Tonnage 1740

The first of six four-masted ships built for Wright and Breakenridge's  Built in 1878 by Russel & Co., Port Glasgow  Falls of Clyde is an iron-hulled, four-masted vessel originally rigged as a ship, later downrigged to a bark, subsequently dismasted, and then restored in 1970 to her original ship rig.

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