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Friends Good Will
L.O.D.: 56' Sloop
Scarano Boat Building is currently engaged by the Michigan Maritime Museum of South Haven, Michigan for the design phase of the recreation of the 1810 period veteran of the battle of Lake Erie...the tall ship Friends Good Will
Friends Goodwill

Scarano Boatbuilding made the first milestone in the construction work on a timely basis, much appreciated I am sure by all of us, and the ship is now entirely framed, with the frames beveled, the bulkheads planked, battens in place and planking has begun.  Within a month, at the 120 day mark, she will be planked with other operations beginning such as the rudder, deadwood, spars, etc. 03/22/2004


May 2004


July 2004

24 August 2004
To the Ship's Company, Friends Good Will:
I have the pleasure of informing all that a new, well found square topsail sloop, swims just off the banks of the Hudson River.  Friends Good Will was launched this day at the first high tide.  And while I bring the news, the honor is all of yours and ours.
Robb Thomas witnessed the event and called me with the update, having just delivered the gun and carriage after a very long day transporting the ordinance overland.  Bosuns Tracy Veltkamp and Chris Carr have been working at the yard for days rigging our sloop, which work I understand is going very well.  Their efforts and hard work are much appreciated.  So many of us, so distant from the scene have contributed just as significantly.
The Coast Guard incline test is scheduled for tomorrow, sea trials will follow and while there could still be delays if complications arise, the work is proceeding at such a swift pace, it is likely she will depart Albany on 29 August, as scheduled.
Congratulations to all of us!  Huzza!
                                                                -Jim Spurr, Master Commandant


Aug 24 2004



For more information about Friends Good Will, call the Michigan Maritime Museum at 269-637-8078, or 800-747-3801, or visit the Museumís Website  

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