Mist of Avalon

Lenth: 100'

Beam: 20'

Sail: 2971 sq ft

Tons: 100

The ship began her life in 1967 as the Motor Vessel "Liverpool Bay". Built by the strong native timber and the skilled hands of the shipwrights of MacLean Shipbuilding, Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her Captain and Crew worked th Banks off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, fishing for the cod that were her reason for being. After twenty years working in the harsh environment of the North Atlantic, with fish stocks declining and her machinery and equipment well past their prime, in 1987 this once proud vessel was left abandoned at a Halifax pier. Another five years of neglect added to her decline, but under the layers of paint and algae, behind the rotting timber and planks, was a gracious schooner hull waiting to return to sea.

1992 began the ship's new life as "Mist of Avalon", named for the mystic Celtic island of rebirth. She was brought from Nova Scotia to her new home port at Holiday' s Afloat Marina in Ivy Lea, Ontario, Canada in the summer of 1993. Here, work continued on the conversion from motor vessel to a fully rigged vessel in the tradition of the late 19th century Grand Banks schooners.

Summer of 1997 saw "Mist of Avalon" return to sea on her maiden voyage under sail, to Bonavista, Newfoundland, to greet another historic vessel, John Cabot's "Matthew".

1992: December: Ship purchased, hauled out, hull scraped and anti fouled.
1993: Upper fore deck removed. New transom and cap rails installed. Main engine replaced. Working deck removed, deck epoxy covered. Fish hold sand blasted clean.
1994: Fuel tanks removed, inspected, cleaned and replaced. Engine room built. Old pilot house removed. Holding tank installed. Anchor windlass placed on deck. Dry docking for hull painting. 12 tons of concrete ballast poured in fish old. New sole installed.
1995: New pilot house and forward skylight. Interior work. Booms and gaffs built. New pine deck laid over old. Steel masts built. Standing rigging assembled.
1996: Bow sprit installed. Main and fore masts stepped. Dry docked, hull recaulked.
1997: Interior sleeping cabins and main salon completed. Galley constructed. Crew bunks refinished. Boom and gaffs installed. Sails and running rigging installed. Ready for sea.
Future work: top masts and top sails.

Jib 473 square feet
Jumbo 376 square feet
Fore sail 854 square feet
Main sail 1276 square feet
Total 2971 square feet


Lenght overall 100'
Lenght waterline 74'
Beam 20'
Draft 10'
Displacement 100 tons
Bow sprit projection 17'
Fore mast (deck to cap) 57' 2"
Main mast (deck to cap) 63' 1"
Fore boom 18' 6"
Main boom 35' 4"
Fore gaff 18' 6"
Main gaff 25


Masts: steel
Booms, Gaffs and Sprit: spruce
Deck: pine
Pilot House and Skylight: pine, oak and mahogany
Hull: oak and spruce, galvanized iron fastening
Sail cloth: Dacront


Crew: Skipper, First Mate & Chief Cook, 8 Seamen
Engine: Main 3306 Cat diesel, Auxiliary 12 HP Listert


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