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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Rotor ship Baden-Baden

1920s Rotar ship Baden-Baden from Germany Bow

photos by Richard Bartke Sr.

  1920s Rotar ship Baden-Baden from Germany stern

photos by Richard Bartke Sr.

Length  156. Feet

Beam   28.5  Feet

Rotor      2   Height   50 Feet 

The Rotor ship Baden-Baden was the invention of German Anton Flettner The rotors were actually more effective on this ship than the sails they replaced, since it could tack to 25 degrees from windward while the original schooner could only tack to 45 degrees. But the era of new commercial sailing ships was ending  

Photos submitted by Mike Dirk taken by his grand father-in-law in the 1920's. There was two photos of the Baden-Baden, a rotar sailing ship out of Hamburg during the era

Web Site with more information on the Baden Baden  

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