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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Gazela Primeiro is the oldest, largest wooden square rigger still sailing in the world. She was built in 1883 in Portugal, and probably spent her first 17 years engaged in the coast wise freight trade in Europe. In 1900 she was purchased by the Bensaude family and converted to a dory fisherman, the career in which she spent the next 70 years of her life

Tall Ships : The Fleet for the 21st Century

Tall Ships is the first full-color, English-language guide to the international fleet of sailing ships. With photographs and descriptions of 150 vessels, Tall Ships pictures virtually all the major class "A" ships and many American as well as European class "B" and "C" vessels.
Georg Stage-     Thad Koza Photo Gazela       Thad Koza Photo


GAIA 60 18 1998 GAIA is a 60 foot gaff-rigged ketch, built in 1921 as a North Sea sailing trawler without an engine. During World War II, she was captured by the Germans while smuggling refugees from Norway to the Shetland Islands. In 1968, she was imported to Denmark and completely rebuilt as a working trawler.  By 1978 she was upgraded to yacht standards and began a career as an Operation Sail and charter vessel.  Recently brought from Venezuela to Canada. Vancouver
Galatea 310 37 30140 ](ex Glenlee; Clarastella; Islamount). Steel.Built, 1896, Glasgow. Built as a merchant sailer, Presently being restored to her original beauty, " Scotland.
Gannet, A wooden barque rigged sloop-of-war built in 1878 for the Royal Navy. Her dimensions are (170"×36"×15")
Gaslight 74 19 2000 Schooner scow   New vessel steel hull, wood house, and wood fixtures Built in Sausalito. Launched October 1991. Billy Martinelli, owner/builder Calif
Gazela 178 27.7 8,910 The Gazela is the oldest and largest wooden square rigged ship still sailing. Built in 1883 in Portugal, Penn
GENERAL GREENE 124 35 na launched 21 January 1799; and place under command of Captain Christopher R. Perry. The frigate sailed 2 June 1799, joining GOVERNOR JAY in convoying five merchantmen bound to Havana na
Gedesby na na na Viking trading-ship replica, na
General Armstrong  na na na American Privateer in War of 1912 na
Georg Stage 173 28 .9260 Steel Sailing Ship Launched 1935 PHOTOS Danmark
GEORGE  W. WELLS six masted schooner built at the shipyard of H. H. Bean Camden Maine and slid into the waters of the Penobscot on August 4, 1900, a scant two months ahead of her Kennebec rival
Giorgio Cini (ex Fantome 11; ex Belem) Barkentine. Steel. Italy. Built 1896 by A. Dubigeon, Nantes  Carried chiefly cocoa beans from Belem, Brazil to Nantes for a Parisian chocolate factory. In 1913 she was sold to the Duke of Westminster and converted into a bluewater yacht. She is berthed on San Giorgio Island

Gitana is a classic schooner, Junk rigged, designed by Tom Colvin, and built in 1979. Her L.O.D. is 40',   L.O.A. is 54'  with a Beam of 12' and 4' 2" draft.  She has a 15 ton displacement.

Glenlee 245.5 37.5 30140 3-masted barque Glenlee launched 1896 now being  restored by the Clyde Maritime Trust Ltd. Glasgow
Gloria 249 33 15000 Is a three-masted barque, built in Spain in 1980 for Latin American countries. . Gloria accommodates 10 officers, 50 full time crew, and 75 cadets. .  She is part of the Armada National de Colombia.  Columbia
Grand Turk Grand Turk is a replica of an 18th century man-of-war ship. Built in 1996, in the style of the type of ship that took part in the Battle of Trafalgar, the Grand Turk has featured in many films and television productions.
'Greif' 135 25 5700 Schonerbrigg (German Site) .
Grossherzogin Elizabeth 217 27 10000  Three masted Steel Schooner Launched 1908 Germany
GOVERNOR STONE 40 na na An authentic, fully restored Gulf Coast Schooner built in 1877 Miss
Götheborg na na na Terra Nova shipyard, is currently building the East Indiaman "Götheborg", a magnificent 18th century ship made from oak and pine. She will be an exact replica of an historical ship as regards line, hull and rigging. SWEDEN
Gilcruix na na na A four-mast iron ship built in 1886 by Whitehaven Shipbuildings Co na
Golden Vanity 38 na na Traditional Gaff-Cutter na


na 14,7 1128 Bark 3 masted Replic reached Virginia in the spring of 1607, and on May 14, their 104 passengers all men and boys began building on the banks of the James River what was to be America's first permanent English colony, predating Plymouth in Massachusetts by 13years. Godspeed Virg
Golden Hinde Sir Francis Drake famously circumnavigated the globe over 400 years ago aboard the Golden Hinde. A meticulously reconstructed fully operational warship is berthed on the River Thames in the heart of London, between London Bridge and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The Golden Hinde is an educational living history museum offering the opportunity to see what life was really like aboard an Elizabethan galleon in the daring days of the 16th century.
'GORCH FOCK' 293. . . Gorch Fock is the replacement for the original Gorch Fock s built in 1958 and is a three masted bark and serves as a school ship of the German Navy.  .German
Grand Nellie 65 16 3000 built for Skipper & Company , Duluth, Minnesota;  designed and built on the leading edge of steel vessel construction be based in Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Rico,
Gypsy Rover 56 12.5 980 topsail schooner certified by the Coast Guard Md
Ostindiefararen Götheborg III 145 36 11600 Replic of 1731 East Indiaman be built now world tour in 2001  
GREAT REPUBLIC 325 53 na A four-masted medium clipper barque built in 1853 by Donald McKay, East Boston, on speculation. Rigged with Forbes' double topsail yards , (at 4,555 tons) was the largest wooden ship ever built. launched Oct 4 1853 39 depth of hold, icluding 4 complete decks
Guayas 262 35 17.000 Barque rigged built in Spain in 1977 for the Ecuadorian Naval Superior School in Guayaquil on the River Guayas. Ecuador
GUERRIERE (US) 175 45 na frigate launced 1814. lead the squadron in terminating piratical acts against American merchant commerce by Barbary States. na
Gunilla 160 28   Displaying three masts, 20 sails, and a total sail area of 4,500sqft makes the barque Gunilla the largest sailing ship in Sweden, and amongst the largest in Europe Sweden
cover Donald McKay and His Famous Sailing Ships
Richard C. McKay / Paperback / Published 1996

McKay (1810-1880) was a 19th century ship-building genius who brought the American clipper ship and other vessels to what some consider the acme of perfection. This is an unabridged and slightly altered republication of the work originally published by G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, in 1928 under the title Some Famous Sailing Ships and Their Builder Donald McKay which was written by one of the great builder's descendants. Includes 58 b&w illustrations and four in color. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
The American-Built Clipper Ship 1850-1856 : Characteristics, Construction, and Details  by William L. Crothers



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