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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Schooner Man 


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Schooner Man
Photo of schooner Pride of Baltimore
Pride of Baltimore II SchoonerMan Photo

Photos by Bill McAllen <>

Pathfinder. 72 15.2 2400 Brigantine, charitable not-for-profit organization, operating since 1963, offering sail training courses to youths 14 to 18 years of age on the Great Lakes Ont
Pacific Grace 139 22 NA Gaff Schooner 2001  
PACIFIC SWIFT 111 20.5 4.111 A topsail schooner modelled on the brig Swift of 1778 Was built at Expo 86 BC
Palinuro 226 33 9675 (ex Jean Marc Aline; ex Commandant Louis Richard) Barkentine. Steel. Built 1934 , Nantes. Italy.
Pallada 356 46   Full rigged ship built in Gdansk, Poland in the 1980s fifth ship of the Dar Mlodziezy-class  and named for the Greek goddess Pallas Athena, Pallada offers sail training around the globe from its homeport in Vladivostok Russia

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377 47 38000 built in Hamburg 1905 . She was rigged as a four-masted barque with royals over double top-gallants. sailed on the south american nitrate trade one of the last square rigger to make a commercial voyage via Cape Horn, rounded the 10 July 1949, Montague Dawson - Golden West the Pamir
Golden West the Pamir
Montague Dawson
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Pandora 99 16  
Pandora,a foretopsail schooner,
Pangani 324 46.5 na a four-masted barque first of eight sister ships built in 1903 na
"Passat" 322 47   A four-masted steel barque built in 1911 . Rigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails.Sister ship to Peking
Patria 316 48 34000 (ex Angelita; ex Sea Cloud; ex Hussar II) 4-masted bark. Steel. . Built 1931Germany. The last 4-masted bark ever built, Fl
Clipper Patricia 110 23 n.a. Built as an auxiliary three masted schooner for the Baltic Trades in 1932 by C. Luhring at Kirch-Hammelwarden ?
T.L. Pelican 148 23   PELICAN OF LONDON is unique among Square Riggers. Her hull form was derived from the elite French clippers of the late 19th century, with a length to breadth ratio of 5:1, a flared bow, fine entry and run. A long poop has been added which provides exceptional space and comfort for world wide operation. England


377 47 44,132 Peking, the second largest sailing ship in existence, is a 347-foot, four-masted bark built in Germany in 1911. She was a giant of the open sea, transporting general cargo from Europe to the West Coast of South America, and returning with nitrates to fertilize the over-cultivated fields of Europe. The Peking has been restored by the South Street Seaport Museum. Peking at Sea", hair-raising footage of one of Peking's voyages around storm-tossed Cape Horn, narrated by Capt. Irving Johnson who took part in that trip. NY
Persian na na na The schooner Persian was discovered in the summer of 1991 by Great Lakes shipwreck hunter Ed Ellison. She sits upright and intact in 170 feet of icy northern Lake Huron na
Philadelphia 53 15.5 NA Philadelphia is the only surviving gunboat built and manned by American Forces during the Revolutionary War. Part of a hastily constructed fleet, she is one of 15 small craft with which Benedict Arnold fought 29 British vessels off Valcour Island in Lake Champlain in October 1776. DC
Schooner Phoenix The coastal schooner Phoenix was built on Long Island, New York in 1984, as a replica of the type of vessels plying the water of the Long Island Sound at the turn of the century, and launched in Port Jefferson. She is 71 feet over all, 16 feet wide and has a draft of 5.5 feet. Schooner Phoenix Photo
Pierius Magnus 38     Topsail Schonker "Pierius Magnus", named after "Greate Pier" a 16th century Friesian freedom fighter, will start her maiden voyage visiting the many ports of the the Great Lakes to promote sailing , tourism, chartering, shipbuilding and trading under sail. MI


130 24.5 7600 The Pilgrim is a full size replica of the hide brig immortalized by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. in his American seafaring classic novel Two Years Before the Mast. Dana said of the Pilgrim, "The vessel I am going on is small, but strong and a remarkably fast sailer having been built for the smuggling trade." Ca
Pilgrim of Newport 119 na na Pilgrim of Newport is a chappelle designed topsail schooner with a clipper bow, round bilge, transom stern, raised stern deck with carved stem head and bowsprit Calif
Piraeus 44     traditional 44-foot sailing ketch B.C.
Playfair 72 15.2 2400 Brigantine, charitable not-for-profit organization, operating since 1963, offering sail training courses to youths 14 to 18 years of age on the Great Lakes Ont
Pride 84 18 2200 Three masted  gaff topsail schooner  S. C.
Pride of Baltimore 90
23 9327 Launched on February 27, 1977 Her unmistakable signature was a result of her steeply raked masts (17 degrees), With her gaff rigged fore and mainsails set and her square foretop sail raised, she was a beautiful and unforgettable reminder of Baltimore's proud maritime heritage. On May 14, having capsized in 80 mile per hour winds that developed suddenly and with no warning.  Altogether, she logged over 150,000 miles, equal to six times around the globe. She sailed further in nine years than most sailing vessels travel in their lifetimes.
Pride of Baltimore II 170 26 10,442
Pride of Baltimore II

Sq Topsail schooner two masted built to the lines of 1812 Baltimore Clipper launched on April 30, 1988. Is now Ambassador to the world from the Port of Baltimore and the State of Maryland.

Louis Garneray - Prise du Kent par Surcouf
Prise du Kent par Surcouf
Louis Garneray
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Phoenix 112 22 4000 Built in Denmark in 1929, Phoenix started life as a Danish Evangelical Mission Schooner. Twenty years later she retired from missionary work and carried cargo, until her engine room was damaged by fire in 1972. She was bought by new owners in 1974, who converted her into a Brigantine, before being purchased by Square Sail in 1988. UK
Pioneer 59 21 2737 Pioneer was originally built at Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania in 1885 to carry sand, mined near the mouth of the Delaware Bay, to an iron foundry in Chester, Pennsylvania. and is the only iron-hulled American merchant sailing vessel still in existence NY
Picton Castle 172 24 na currently on an 18-month, 35,000-mile world cruise that crosses the Caribbean, Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans -- is seeking voyagers (virtual and real). From the outset, the 180-foot, three-masted, square-rigged barque has faced its world-circling adventure with a crew composed of equal numbers of men and women.
Pogoria 136 na 10000 Barkentine built 1980 Poland
Polly Woodside 230 30 NA (ex Rona; ex Polly Woodside) Bark. Iron. Built 1885 Ireland. Ship lovers in Australia restored this great vessel Aust
Polynesia 151 21 10500 (ex Elk) 2-masted staysail schooner. Steel. U.S.A.. One of the largest staysail schooners in the world. na
Pommern 349 25 na . Four-masted barque built of steel in 1903 by J. Reid & Co., Glasgow, Scotland History by Lars_Bruzelius Finl
PRIDE 84 18 2200 Three masted gaff topsail schooner S.C.
Prince of Neufchatel: 117 26 na American privateer.The Prince of Neufchatel had a successful commercial career which including fighting several notable actions before being captured by the frigate HMS.Leander on 28th December 1814. na
Providence 110 20 3470 built in 1976 to honor a vessel that played a key role in the fight for American independence. In many ways, the American revolution began in Narangansett Bay.Full size replica of John Paul Jones first ship R.I.
Progress       Whaler built in Rhode Island in 1843 and sailed out of New Bedford was sailed to World fair in Chicago  
Province na na na A fourmast iron ship built in 1886 by W. Doxford & Sons, Sunderland. History by Lars_Bruzelius Na
Queen Anne's Revenge 103 24.5 . Blackbeard's lead ship, though he commanded as many as four vessels for attacks such as the assault on Charleston, and had as many as 300 pirates under his command. .
Quinnipiack 71 25 2300 a passenger carrying reproduction of a traditional Biloxi coasting schooner.Building Conn


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