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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Sailing Ships
The U.S. Brig Niagara, is a reproduction of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s relief flagship which was used in a major battle of the War of 1812. Niagara was completed in 1990 and is a reconstruction of one of those vessels. Her mission is to present living history with programs designed to train crew and apprentices.

Nadezhda 360 40 27,700 a training ship owned by the Maritime State University named after G.I.Nevelskoy built 1989  Information from Red Sky Russia
Nathaniel Bowditch 90 21 3700 a gaff- rigged, two-masted topsail schooner, 82 elegant feet on deck and 108 feet overall. Built of Maine timber in 1922 at East Boothbay, Maine, as a private racing yacht, she competed in the Bermuda races and won in 1927 Me.
HMS Nancy 87 24   built in 1789 at Detroit on the lakes for the war of 1812  
Najaden 134 28   Full-rigged composite ship built in 1897 Presently preserved as a museum ship in Halmstad.  
Nellie Coleman 97 25.7 na Two masted chooner was built in 1883  at Lamoine Maine and weighed 160 tons. fishing schooners w. Previous to 1903 she had been used in the gold rush trade
Niagara 198 32.5 12,665 s a reproduction of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s relief flagship which was used in a major battle of the War of 1812. Niagara was completed in 1990 and is a reconstruction of one of those vessels. Her mission is to present living history with programs designed to train crew and apprentices.-Penn
Author: Battle of Lake Erie monument association.
Title: An account of the organization & proceedings of the Battle of Lake Erie monument association. And celebration of the 45th anniversary of the battle of Lake Erie, at Put-in-Bay Island, on September tenth, 1858.
Publication date: 1858  list of all pages


82 20 2000 a 19th century style gaff rigged schooner, and has voyaged to the Caribbean islands, Mexico, and South America prior to arriving in Baltimore in 1986. a U.S. Merchant Marine passenger vessel, built in 1980.   
Nina 93 21 1507 Replic of three masted carval  the smallest ship of The Columbus Fleet Tx
Sailing Ship Nippon Maru in Puget Sound
Sailing Ship Nippon Maru in Puget Sound
Krantz, Ray
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Na na na na North End Shipyard Schooners na
Nobile 126 18 5000 built in 1919 in England, Nobile was rebuilt in  1994/95 in  the tradition of the old America-Cuppers of the Twenties. Accordingly, the ship offers classic sailing experiences comparable to those on old racing yachts Germany
Norfolk Rebel 62 12 1300 The Norfolk Rebel is one of a kind  tugatine

Lane Briggs

North Star of Herschel Island 78 15 3000 three masted fully riged ship built in 1935 as a cargo ship for two Inuit fur traders. She spenther first thirty years working the western Canadian Arctic while the ice was open and being hauled ashore each winter but six. With the advent of cargo planes,she was left abandoned on the ice for six years until rediscovered by her second owner, who was making a NorthWest Passage under sail. He returned after the succesful transit and after purchasing her put her into work running cargo; surveyingthe Alaska BC border and in sail training with Inuit. B.C. Canada
North Wind 75     built in 1995 at Treworgy Yachts, the Schooner North Wind is 57ft. on deck and 75 ft. overall  
Nor'Wester NA NA NA historic wooden schooner was design number 274D from John Alden built in 1926 in Marinette, Wisconsin by owned by Tom and Clara Church NA
 NOVELTY first four-masted schooner, as well as the first "bald-headed" schooner, built on the Pacific Coast.launched March 13, 1886  92 gross tons - October 23, 1907 when she stranded north of Ten Mile Creek
Oceana 161 30 na Research vessel S/Y Oceania na
"Ocean Star" 88 20 4600 2-masted steel-hulled schooner  used as a training vessel for adults Maine
Odin Ravn 100 24 1860 Wood Vilking ship Norway
Olad 55 12.5   The Schooner Olad was originally called the "Whistle Binkie". Chester A. Crosby, designed the "Whistle Binkie" in 1926, for an Alexander Smith of New York City and Great Island W. Yarmouth, Massachusetts. The vessel was built over the winter of 1927 and was launched for the 1928 season, from the Crosby Yacht Building & Storage Co. Maine
Olivebank A four-masted steel barque built in 1892 by Mackie & Thompson, Glasgow. Her dimensions were: 326'0×43'1×24'5 and tonnage: 2647 NRT and 2824 GRT. sankk 1939 
Olive Thurlow NA NA NA a barkentine, sunk in a storm at Cape Lookout in 1902. NC
ONE and ALL 140 27 na Australia's only wooden brigantine, purpose-built training ship. She has a carvel hull with a clipper stem, counter stern and two centre-boards. Launched December 1 1985 Aust
ONTARIO 85 16 2000 OMF schooner project NY
Orp Iskra 165 26.5   Barquentine Poland
Oriole 102
Sail Area
The oldest commissioned ship in the Canadian Navy launched at Neponset Mass, June 4, 1921 ORIOLE is a Marconi rigged ketch continues to be an integral part of the Canadian Navy as she provides a unique and valuable Training platform   CANADA
92  T
Oosterschelde 165 24.75 9,702 The three-masted topsail schooner 'Oosterschelde' is the last remaining representative of the large fleet of schooners that sailed under the Dutch flag at the beginning of this century. As the largest restored Dutch sailing ship the 'Oosterschelde' is a monument for Dutch shipbuilding and maritime navigation under sail. Info from red Sky Netherlands.


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