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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Schooner Man 


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Schooner Man


Sailing Ships
Lady Maryland  Photo by Bill McAllen
Schooner Larinda

LA FRANCE 492 56 68,350 aim of the Association is to build a ship along the lines and plans of the five-masted barque France II which was built in Bordeaux in 1911 France
Lady Washington 105 22 na brig a full-scale replica of the original ship Wash
Lahloo Composite tea clipper built in 1867 by Robert Steele & Co., Greenock, to the design of William Steele. Dimensions: 191'6"×32'9"×19'9" and tonnage: 985 83/94 tons OM, 799 tons.
Lazyjack  48 12 Built in 1947 in Ipswich Massachusetts by builder Fred Whitter, Lazy Jack sailed the waters between Man O’ War Key Bahamas, and Ipswich Massachusetts. A renowned charter boat in the 1950’s, Lazy Jack earned her way making a living for her master carrying various cargo which included passengers, arms, rum, and cigars.

Her lines are taken from the great Gloucester fishing schooner Ferdonia 
Lazyjack II   Maine
Lady Daphne The Lady Daphne is a fine example of a Thames sailing barge built oringinally for trading in the shallow waters of the Thames and English coastal ports.
Lady Maryland 103 22 2994 Lady Maryland is a full size replica of a pungy schooner. Md.
Lady Nelson 53 17.7   Replica of the 1798 Lady Neson Tasmania
Lady Stirling 80 17   Schooner Lady Stirling, a 2004 80ft gaff rigged topsail schooner, built by Dan Hallock, at the New Suffolk Shipyard, New Suffolk, New York. The ships design is by Charles Whittholz, and is the new sister ship of the Schooner Liberty NY/Fl
Lark Schooner wrecked off Leland, Michigan in 1857. Thought to be known as the 'apple barge', it was rediscovered in 1979 during a December gale
Larinda 76 16.5. 2000 A replica of a 1767 Colonial Schooner, the Larinda was built by Mr. Mahan and his wife, Linda, of Marston Mills over a 25-year period. The schooner Larinda sank in Halifax Harbor during hurricane Juan.
She has been re-floated. She was was sold at auction because of the
extensive damage.
La Violante  106 18 5000 built in Holland in 1922 as a private yacht for French Royalty and is one of the world's very last luxury adventure ships. She is a superb example of European craftsmanship, has featured in many movies and has logged more than 500,000 miles around the world. Aust
Leander Composite tea clipper built in 1867 by J.G. Lawrie, Glasgow, to the design of Bernard Waymouth. Dimensions: 215'5"×35'2"×20'7" and tonnage: 848 tons.
Leeuwin 182 30 8100 three masted Barquentine  training ship Launched: August, 1986 Aust.
Lettie G. Howard


125 21 5072 Built in 1893 at Essex, Massachusetts, the Lettie G. Howard is a type of fishing schooner once widely used along the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Texas. The Lettie, which operated out of Gloucester, Massachusetts for her first eight years, NY
HMS.Leander 174     British frigate one of the vessels which comprised the squadron which captured the Prince of Neufchatel  
Lene Marie 106 20   Ketch    Sinking Nov 1996 ???  

Chebacco Boat

During the American Revolution, the British nearly destroyed the New England fishing fleet. Since capital was lacking to build replacement schooners, a low-cost, quickly built vessel was needed. A little two-masted boat, then popular for the inshore fishery, seemed to fit the bill. Because it was developed in Essex which was then a parish of Ipswich called "Chebacco", the vessel was known as a "Chebacco Boat" if pink sterned (pointed) and "Chebacco Dogbody" if square sterned (the origin of the term "Dogbody" is not known).
Lewis R. French 95 18.5 na Launched into Christmas Cove, Maine, on April 28, 1871, the Lewis R. French is the sole survivor of the thousands of coasting schooners built in Maine during the 19th century. Main
Libertad 342 NA NA Full-rigged ship Launched:1953 is known among tall ships sailing today asone of the fastest. Gross Tonnage:3,675 Argentine
Liberte 68 NA 1200 Liberte is a replica of a 1700’s “Pinky” Schooner. The “pinky” is the very pointy appendage in the stern. These wonderful lines made the wood very stiff and solid and allowed the sailors of old to go before the wind with power and confidence, even in the angry waves of a true Nor’easter. Used for coastal cargo and fishing, they were handled by a crew of two and their simplicity made them very popular in New England waters. Md
LIBERTY 80 17 1774 a replica of early 1800's schooners used by New England fishermen and as cargo carrying vessels. Ma.
Liberty Clipper 125 25 4300 A replica of 19 century Baltimore Clipper Ma
Linden 150 29    The Linden is a combination of old time shipping tradition and modern requirements for comfort and safety. LINDEN WAS BUILT IN MARIEHAMN, ÅLAND, FINLAND between 1991 and 1993, based on the original Linden fore-and aft schooner, which dated back to 1920. Before she was christened by her godmother Lill Lindfors, construction work had consumed among other things 1,000 pine trees, 50,000 ship nails, 1,000 litres of tar, 50,000 kg ballast and 40,000 man hours. Finland
Lightning, 226 44 na 1854-1869 An extreme clipper ship built in 1854 by Donald McKay, log (of 24 hours) 436 nautical miles, a trifle over 18 knots an hour. LIGHTNING AND RED JACKET SAILING SHIPS na
Little Jennie 86 17 1600 The Little Jennie is one of the oldest surviving examples of a Chesapeake Bay Bugeye. Built in 1884 for oystering and freighting, the Little Jennie is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. She is on display at the historic pier in Bar Harbor, Maine.The Little Jennie was originally designed and built by J. T. Marsh in Solomons, Maryland in 1884. Maine
Lottie Cooper 131 27   The three masted schooner launched Manitowoc, WI, 30 Mar 1876 measured 250 gross tons. , Lossed April 1894 Sheboygan. Wi. Wi
Lord Nelson 180 29.5 11029 Three masted Barque The Lord Nelson is the only tall ship of her kind in the world which offers integrated voyages for mixed crews of able-bodied and disabled people.  
Lord Sheffield 72 16 na Brigantine built in Montreal launched in 1984  originally named J.I.Tarte
Lotus 54 13 na bald headed gaff rigged auxiliary schooner built in 1917 NY
Lois McClure  70 14.5 na The is a full size replica of an 1862-class Canal two historic shipwrecks located within 1/2 of a mile of the construction site. The schooner will be named in honor of Lois McClure , who along with her husband Mac, has been a major contributor to this and many other worthy community projects in the greater Burlington area.  
Lovise Moland A danish Schoner sailing in Denmark, built in 1904 and still going strong
Loyal       Schooner  
Lucerne 195 34   3 masted  schooner built in 1873 sank on Nov. , 1886, It was wrecked in 17 feet of water off the beach of Long Island, Wis.  
Lucy R 52 11.5 NA Centerboard Schooner chartering out of Onekama Mi And Bever Island Capt James Major 616 889 3393  Mi
La Salle's Ships (what were they Like) na na na La Salle initially set out for Texas with four ships, including the 30-gun frigate Le Joly and the 6-gun vessel l' Belle. na
Lynx 122 23 4669 Lynx is an interpretation of an actual privateer named Lynx built by Thomas Kemp in 1812 in Fell's Point, Maryland. She was among the first ships to defend American freedom by evading the British naval fleet then blockading American ports and serving in the important privateering efforts. Calif


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