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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Schooner Man 


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Schooner Man

Schooner Man Site on schooner and other Tall sailing ship T-V
T-V H.M.S. Tecumseh under partial sail The H.M.S. Tecumseth is a replica of a 19th century war schooner which was built on Lake Erie as part of Britainís defense unit during the War of 1812. The replica was completed in 1995 and is the flagship of Discovery Harbour Historic Sailing of Penetanguishene, Ontario.
Sparred Length 125' Beam 29' Sail 4900

Photos of the HMS Tecumseth -- Tall Ships Challenge Muskegon 2001 Sail Muskegon

Sailing Ships
Tabor Boy 92 21 6800 (ex Lotsenschoner; ex Bestevaer) 2-masted topsail schooner. Built 1914 Netherlands. Initially constructed for the Dutch pilotage authorities Mass
Tar Baby 68 Designed by John Alden, long considered the world's greatest schooner designer, and originally commissioned by Gilbert Hood of Hood Dairies in 1928, she was launched in 1929. Mr. Hood kept her until 1975, when he sold her to Carl Sherman of Westbrook CT. Mr. Sherman recently sold Tar Baby to her present owners, who use her as a family cruiser when she is not being chartered. Mass
TAHINA 70 17 NA. Gaff-Rigged Schooner Designer: John G. Alden, design no.304    Builder: Hodgdon Bros., East Boothbay, Maine, USA Year: 1927 Construction: Hull - pitch pine planking on oak frames, teak Norway
Tarangini Three masted Barque Tall Sailing Ship 177 10300 3 masted Barquet built in 1997 Home port Kochi India
TE HONGI 42 10 NA. Schooner
Te Quest 173 32 10,500+ 3 masted staysail schooner.:Roebling steel, 1930, Na
Te Vega 156 28 10.500 2 maste gaff rigged top sail schooner Na


125 29 4700 Top sail schooner is a replica of a 19th century war schooner which was built on Lake Erie as part of Britainís defense unit during the War of 1812. The replica was completed in 1995 and is the flagship of Discovery Harbour     Historic Sailing of Penetanguishene, Ontario. Ont
Thalassa 165 26 na Thalassa (the Greek word of the sea) was built in 1980 and underwent a major refurbishment in 1995, creating a splendid ship for sailing days, hospitality and longer voyages   Information from Red Sky on Thalassa na
Thane 55 Na   Na  Gaff Rigged Ketch built in Victoria BC. Canada
Thomas E. Lannon. 93 18 2000 New wood schooner lines are based on those of the Gloucester fishing schooner Mass
A children's book about how a schooner is built, this new work by celebrated children's author and illustrator Pat Lowery Collins is based on the building of the schooner Thomas E. Lannon in the shipyards of Essex, Massachusetts, a few years ago. Collins, who witnessed the construction and took hundreds of photographs to study it, translates the story into an imaginary boy's diary, illustrated by Collins's evocative oils. The building of the schooner Thomas E. Lannon as seen through the eyes of a boy, this charming childrenís book chronicles the extraordinary construction of a great sailing vessel. In the late 1990s, the legendary shipyards of Essex, Massachusetts, buzzed as they had a century before: Under the guiding hand of Harold Burnham, whose family has crafted boats in Essex for generations, the schooner Thomas E. Lannon was built. It was patterned after the 19th-century vessel Nokomis, one of the last large engineless schooners to fish off the Grand Banks
Thomas Lawson
The Fate of the World's Only Seven Masted Schooner

Product Description:
Complete with pictures and new research, this is the first book to capture the history of the building, operation, wreck and rescue of the world's only seven-masted schooner. Built in 1902 at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts, named after the famous financier Thomas W Lawson from Scituate, Massachusetts, this famous vessel operated along the east coast of the United States for five years. On her first transatlantic journey in 1907, hauling 2 1/4 million gallons of oil, she wrecked on the Isles of Scilly. Freddie Cook Hicks heroically rescued two of the crew, but was unable to save his father, the pilot aboard the vessel on that fateful Friday the 13th, 1907. Thomas Hall, the author, has combed both sides of the Atlantic to uncover this story, interviewing many descendants of the crew and lifeboatmen, and diving on the wreck. He was featured in the BBC documentary "The Wreck of the TW Lawson" in 2001.
Thomas W. Lawson- ) 369 35 43000 Only 7 Masted Schooner also largest schooner ever built in 1902 na
Thermopylae An extreme composite clipper ship designed by Bernard Waymouth of London and build in 1868 by Walter Hood & Co., Aberdeen. She measured 212'0"◊36'0"◊20'9" and tonnage 991 GRT, 948 NRT and 927 tons under deck.
C.A. Thayer - Schooner 156 na na Built in 1895 a three-masted sailing schooner. Thayer's amazing longevity carried her through several careers: lumber, Alaskan salmon fishing, a Calif
Third Sea 71 na na Captain Stephens built by hand and then sailed for 18 years Southeast Asia, lost in hurricane.
The Last Voyage : The Story of Schooner Third Sea
THO PA GA Until 1984, the schooner has a regular line for general cargo between the French Caribbean Islands, with a special derogation every week from the French Maritime Authorities, for been the only freighter qualified locally to carry special freight (20.000 tons in 4 years)
Fast and Able Life Stories of Great Gloucester Fishing Vessels Written by Gordon Thomas cover cover cover cover
Tickle Me Quickly 32 NA NA Lazy Jack 32 schooner, Class C NA
Timberwind 96 20 2800 built as the Portland Pilot in 1931 as the pilotboat for Porland,Maine.She served as pilot for 38 years until 1969. She was converted to the Maine Windjammer trade in 1970 and has been carrying passengers from Rockport Maine for almost thirty years! Maine
Teepee 110 33 NA 3 masted schooner built in 1930s NA
Tole Mour 156 31 8300 Square Topsail three masted schooner built in Seattle, Washington in 1988 by the Hawaii-based arimed Foundation to support primary health care and educational programs Now owned by CIMI 
Photos by Thad Koza
120 NA 5500 2 masted schooner builton the banks of the Amazon now working out of Rio de Janeiro. Brazil
J.R. Tolkien schooner The Tolkien is a luxurious gaff-topsail schooner
Topaz 119 20 na (ex Greda; ex Dagny) 2-masted gaff schooner. Wood. U.S.A. Built 1937 na
Tradewind 125 23 6000 Tradewind was build in Holland in 1911. Finland
Tree of Life 93 na 4230 gaff schooner. Displacing 72 tons launched in 1991 and custom built for her owner's family voyage around the world,she has completed her circumnavigation. She is presently in the Caribbean and is for sale NA
HMS Trincomalee Classic British Frigate, Oldest British Warship afloat   Hartlepool Eng
Trinovante Three masted schooner Looking For paying CREW 
Tropic Star 53 15 1400 Schooner built by by C.C. Holbrook Designed by Howard I. Chapelle now planning a world trip. World
True North 118 22 NA Unicorn, as the boat was originally named, was built in 1947 from captured German U-boats as a Dutch motor fishing vessel for the North Atlantic fishing grounds. In 1995 Unicorn collided with chemical tanker Chilibar Purchased by Doug and Michelle Prothero of Toronto, Canada. After Major work The spring of 1997 marked the beginning of another sailing career As True North


Howard D. Troop . . . a pilot boat in the port of Saint John, (1839 1912), History and Photo of ship in bottle .
N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A. English 16th Century sea history;
Lord Howard of Effingham, Sir Richard Grenville, Drake and the Armada
TOCORIME 115 na 5500 Wooden top sail schoooner be built on the amazon river Briz
Tovaristch 269 39 18400 (ex Gorch Fock I) Bark. Steel. Russia. Built 1933 Germany. . She sails today as a sail training vessel for the Russian Navy
Training ship of Danmark 197 na 16320 Three masted full rigger built 1933 Denmark
Tsjerk Hiddes  168 20 na Sailing stem barges are rare in The Netherlands. This ship is a unique stem barge which is rigged as a three-master. Wooden decks, a sheltered pilothouse and day accommodation above deck ensure na
Unicorn 118 22 Topsail Schooner Unicorn renamed True North" now again has original name of "Unicorn
United States The open Polar Sea: a narrative of a voyage of discovery towards the North Pole, in the schooner "United States." By Dr. I. I. Hayes
Valborg 120 24 na Finland
Vasa 230 38 17th century warship. Wood. Sweden, Stockholm. Built 1628 by Royal Naval Shipyard, Stockholm. The oldest preserved and fully identified ship in existence today, Vasa remains a curious oddity in the history of sail. Because she was poorly designed, her entire sailing career lasted about one hour
VEGESACK BV 2 oldest european herring drifter, built in1895 VEGESACK BV 2 . More than 30 former herring drifter are back under sails again. More Information In English
Venus, 139 36.5
Vega 67 16.5 na 114 year old traditional Baltic trader Historical sailing vessel Malta
Vega 156 27 10500 Two masted, gaff rigged, steel hulled schooner 1905 Kiel, Germany Krupps Ship Yard na
HMS Victoria na na na a threedecker of 121 guns launched in 1859 na
HMS Victory 186 52 na the pride of the Royal Navy, and a shrine to England's greatest hero, Vice Admiral Lord Nelson. The world's oldest commissioned warship and the only survivor of the Battle of Trafalgar, she is still the flagship of the Second Sea Lord, Naval Home Command, and has a complement of serving naval officers and crew.A 100-gun First Rate ship designed by Sir Thomas Slade, Eng
Nelson : A Personal History
Every Man Will Do His Duty : An Anthology of Firsthand Accounts from the Age of Nelson The Nelson Companion The Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy Stephen Biesty's Cross-Sections : Man-Of-War
Nelson's Blood : The Story of Naval Rum (Bluejacket Books) Nelson's Navy : The Ships, Men and Organisation, 1793-1815 Nelson's Battles : The Art of Victory in the Age of Sail; The Eyes of the Fleet : A Popular History of Frigates and Frigate Captains 1793-1815;
Victory Chimes 140'
24 6200 Three masted schooner built in the 1900 as a lumber cargo vessel Maine
VIGILANT na na na Baltimore Clipper Schooner 1794-1928 na
Virginia 118 na na VIRGINIA Project is a 1917-era tall ship. The last sailing pilot schooner in operation on the Chesapeake Bay. VIRGINIA served as the station vessel for the Virginia Pilot Association from 1917 to 1926. na
Voyager 100 22 200 A replica of a 1840's gaff-rigged packet schooner. Hull of double planked mahogany, she can sleep 19, and she's Coast Guard certified to carry 49 daytime passengers. We do mostly 2 and 3 hour sails out of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, FL. FL.
Voyager 50 Na na Alden schooner built in 1929. Aust
Vriendschap  89 20 Twin-masted clipper Until 1983 the ship transported freight, first as a sailing vessel, later motor-driven, after the rigging was removed. In 1985 the 'Vriendschap' was re-rigged and completely converted into a comfortable and safe passenger ship


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