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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Schooner Man 


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Schooner Alabama

photo by Thad Koza author of Tall Ships: A Fleet for the 21st Century 3rd Edition off Newport, May 30th, 2004

A. J.  Meerwald The schooner, A.J. Meerwald, is owned and operated by the Delaware Bay Schooner Project, a Delaware Bay oyster schooner, a distinct vessel that evolved to meet the needs of the local oyster fishery. Launched in 1928, the A. J. Meerwald was one of hundreds of schooners built along South Jersey's Delaware Bayshore before the decline of the shipbuilding industry that coincided with the Great Depression. 1959: Ownership passed to Cornelius (Nicky) Campbell who outfitted her for surf clamming. She operated primarily as a clam dredge into the late 1970's. She was essentially retired until her donation to the Schooner Project in 1989. L-115 B-22 SA 4127 Bivalve, NJ
Abigal Margaret D" class hull.
Designed by Aborn "Denny" Smith, Jr.
Built by Trump Yachts of Stonington, CT.
She was built as a Ketch in 1976 and converted to a Schooner at some point 
Abner Coburn Down Easter (3m). L/B/D: 223 × 43 × 26.7 (68m × 13.1m × 8.1m). Tons: 1,878 reg. Hull: wood. Built: William Rogers, Bath, Me.; 1882.
Abraham Rydberg Four-masted barque with royals over double topgallant sails. built in 1892 L 271 b 43
Ada Iredale 3 masted bark built 1872
Adams Frigate rated at 28 guns-was laid down in 1797 at New York City by John Jackson and William Sheffield and launched on 8 June 1799. Capt. Richard Valentine Morris took command of the ship. departed New York in mid-September 1799 and headed for the West Indies to protect American shipping from attacks by French privateers.
ADARE, Canada's Oldest Schooner A traditional gaff-rigged two-masted schooner, ADARE was built in 1905-1906 on Tancook Island at the mouth of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
ADDIE  M. LAWRENCE six masted schooner built at Bath in 1903 by Percy & Small for the J. S. Winslow Co. fleet of Portland, Maine. During World Ward I she successfully eluded German submarines by the cleverness of her Yankee skippers, and arrived a various European ports with cargoes of ammunition for the Allies.
Adela The schooner Adela is both very old—having first been launched in 1903— and very new at once. But first, Adela, wholly rebuilt in England for American owner George Lindemann, is very large. Length overall is 140 feet (43m or 174 feet when measured to the tip of her sizable bowsprit. Her carbon-fiber mainmast stands a sky bruising 152 feet (46m) above the deck;
 Adelaar     The Dutch schooner Adelaar, was built in 1902 by Staadskanal Shipyards in Zaandam, Holland. Originally a cargo ship, the Adelaar sailed between England, Sweden, Norway and Russia, propelled only by the wind blowing into heavy canvas sails. The ship's log book, exhibited at the "Scheepsmuseum" in Groningen, Holland, is testimony to Adelaar's early history
Adelia Maria 4 mast gaff schooner. Wood. Built, 1948 One of the famed Portuguese Grand Banks schooners. L-147 B -35
Adelita Schooner
 Length: 31m/101'
 Beam: 6.1m/20'
 Year: 1982
 Cruising Speed: 8 knots
ADIRONDACK Union screw-sloop 1862 L-207 B-38
(1890's style Pilot Schooner): Built in 1994 by Scarano Boat Building of Albany, New York, the Schooner Adirondack is an 80-foot wooden sailing vessel spirited after a classic turn of the century pilot schooner
 L-80 B-16 SA- 1850
Admiral Gardner English East Indiaman which sank in 1809.
Advance Brigantine; Length: 88 ft; Beam: 21 ft 10 in; ; 144 tons; New Kent, Maryland, ; 1847
HMS Adventure Bark 3-M 1771
Adventure Adventure is the last example afloat of a knockabout style schooner in the United States. built in The schooner Adventure was designed by Thomas J. McManus and built in 1926, in Essex, Massachusetts, by the John F. James and Son Shipyard. She measured 121.6 feet in length, 24.5 feet in breadth, and 14 feet in depth. Her gross tonnage was 130 and her net tonnage 62
Adventure Launched as Pharaohs in the spring of 1988 , Adventure was built at the yard of Brian Alcock LOD 40' LOA 52' Beam 13' Draft 5'8"
Adventure Galley 3 masted galley with 36 oars built in 1695 used by Captain Kid It weighed 287 tons and had 34 cannons and a crew of about 150. When it was badly leaking it was lost in San Maria, a formible pirate base. It was stripped and the rest burned. It still remains in the shallow bay of the island.
Adventuress Gaff topsail schooner built in  East Booth Maine 1913 now operated as school ship  L-132 b-21 SA-5478 Port Townsend, WA
Af Chapman Full-rigged ship. Iron. Built 1888, England    Country: Sweden. Owner: City of Stockholm. Sailed as merchantman, mostly on the Australian run, under the name Dunboyne, until 1908 L-280 B37 SA 23,756  the beautiful, old sailing boat has been converted into a hostel. 
HMS Agamemnon 3 rate England 1781 HMS Agamemnon was a 64-gun third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy. She saw service in the American Revolutionary, French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and fought in many of the major naval battles of those conflicts. She is remembered as being Nelson's favourite ship
HMS Agamemnon Ship rigged 3mast steam battleship 1852 Royal Navy 91-gun battleship ordered by the Admiralty in 1849 in response to the perceived threat from France by their possession of ships of the Napoleon class. She was the first British battleship to be designed and built from the keel up with installed steam power,
Agay wreck Mid 10th century wreck
Agnete sailing replica of the Gedesby find a 13th century merchant ship Denmark
A. G. Ropes Down Easter  3 Masted Bath Maine 1884
Ahoi The name of our vessel is 'Abel Tasman'.
It is built in 1913 by Pattje in Waterhuizen. Dutch version:
German version:
Aid 1562HMS Aid was an 18-gun ship of the Royal Navy.
Airlie Tancook schooner designed and built in 1929 as a center board schooner by Stanley Mason at S.C. Mason boatyard, Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia. AIRLIE, originally named Green Bow 2, was built for sword fishing.
Akogare 2 masted wooden gaff shooner replica of the 1904 original cargo carrier L-98 B- 22 SA 3800
Akogare 3 masted topsail schooner "Akogare" is the first sail training vessel owned by a municipality in Japan,L-171 B-28 SA 8240
ALABAMA Alabama, one of "nine ships to rate not less than 74 guns each" authorized by Congress 29 April 1816, was laid down by the Portsmouth Navy Yard, N.H., in June 1819, the year the State of Alabama was admitted to the Union. Though ready for launch by 1825, she remained on the stocks for preservation until needed during the Civil War. Renamed New Hampshire 28 October 1863 L-204 B-51
Alabama Pilot Schooner built in 1926 in Pensacola,Fl designed by Thomas F McManus New England designer of Gloucester schooner L-120 B-21 SA 5000  Martha's Vineyard, MA
CSS Alabama Auxiliary Bark England 1862
Alba Venturer Bermudan ketch built Designed and built by Oyster Marine Ltd in 1998/99, launched in March 1999. This vessel has a standard Oyster 70’ hull but fitted to OYT’s exacting specifications for sail training. The funding for this vessel was provided by a single generous donation by Mr and Mrs Mills, organisers of the Scottish Three Peaks Race L- 67 B- 17
Albany sloop of war put to sea on her first cruise on 26 November 1846 L-163
Albanus 2 masted wooden gaff shooner replica of the 1904 original cargo carrier Finland L-98 B -20 SA-3200
Back in 1960 I answered an ad in Yachting Magazine, placed by The Ocean Academy Ltd. owned and operated by Christopher B. Sheldon, Ph.D., and N. Alice Sheldon, MD. They wanted a teacher of English for a nine-month voyage on the school ship Albatross, a square-rigged brig to be crewed by teen-aged students. The Sheldons expected to sail through the Caribbean, transit the Panama Canal, then spend a month or more in the Galapagos Islands before returning to their home port of Mystic, Conn. I was 35 years old, teaching English at Stetson University in DeLand, Fla., when I answered the ad. I was determined to sail on Albatross's first schooling voyage even if obliged to resign from Stetson. Fortunately, an understanding dean and department head allowed me a leave of absence. As many readers no doubt know, the first schooling voyage of Albatross was also her last. This is the tale of that voyage. I wrote most of it in the middle '60s, then put it aside for the interim. The film White Squall engendered fresh interest in the Albatross voyage, even though the film was more Hollywood parody than fact. Readers of this volume will acquire a more realistic understanding of the people and events involved. I am indebted to travel writer Janet Groene for her interest in this book. She read it, liked it and recommended it to one of her publishers. Without her efforts on my behalf, the manuscript would remain in a box beneath my desk, where it had been for more than three decades. Richard E. Langford Tall Ships Down : The Last Voyages of the Pamir, Albatross, Marques, Pride of Baltimore, and Maria Asumpta  For all its soul-stirring romance, the tall-ship renaissance has a tragic side, and professional mariner and maritime scholar Dan Parrott explores it in this groundbreaking reconstruction of five controversial sea disasters of the past half century. Working from official documents, survivor and expert interviews, and his own considerable tall-ship experience, Parrott re-creates the losses of five sail-training vessels: the 316-foot Pamir (1957), 117-foot Albatross (1961), 117-foot Marques (1984), 137-foot Pride of Baltimore (1986), and 125-foot Maria Asumpta (1995), which together claimed 112 lives. In Tall Ships Down, he reveals that, contrary to official findings, ignorance of and disregard for age-old practices of seamanship were at least as responsible for the tragedies as "acts of God."  4-masted motor schooner. Steel. Built, 1942 , Sweden.   Sail training ship sank in a storm in may of 1961 L-259 b-37 SA 9.558 White Squall : The Last Voyage Of Albatross
Albenga wreck Sailing Ship Italy. Large, ca 40 m long, Roman cargo ship, about 100-90 BC
Alcyone gaff-rigged topmast schooner built by Frank Prothero in 1956 Her homeport is Port Townsend,Wa, and she makes her living as a sail training L-82 B-15.5
HMS Alecto Steam Sloop 1839
HMS Alert Screw Sloop 
ALEVINE  L-97 B-16 Topsail Schooner Russia
Alevine Tuy L-84 B-16  Wood Top Sail Schooner Launched 1995 Russia
Alexia  ALEXIA Flag: Canada Homeport: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Rig: Gaff Schooner LOA: 54 ft. LOD: 42 ft. LWL: 33 ft. Beam: 11 ft 3" Draft: 6 ft 6
Alexander von Humboldt Barque L-211 B-27 SA 10,350 Germany
Alexandria   Three masted topsail schooner built 1928 sank Dec. 9 1996 L-125 b22 SA 7800
Alfred (black Prince) Philadelphia merchantman. Launched in 1774 Naval Committee purchased BLACK PRINCE on 4 November 1775, renamed her ALFRED four days later, and ordered her fitted out as a man-of-war L-140 B-32
Alice S. Wentworth  (ex Lizzie A. Tolles).. 2-masted gaff schooner, Wood. Built: 1863 Connecticut.  Regarded as a fast ship for her day, she carried bricks, coal and oysters in Long Island . at the end of WWII  was converted  for the Cruise schooner trade till 1953. Ending  her years in Boston. where she sat as a derelict till a storm blew  to pieces about 1977  . A sad end for a schooner which was reputed to have outsailed the famous pilotschooner Hesper and to have once beaten the Americas Cup racers into Newport Harbor after disrupting their race...L-91 B-24
ALICE  M. LAWRENCE Six masted schooner built in Bath in 1904 at a cost of $130,000.. She was lost in a gale off Nantucket in 1909
Alliance L-151 B-36  36-gun US frigate originally named HANCOCK-waslaunched in1778; first assignment was the task of carrying Lafayette back to France
Almirante Saldanha L-398 B-51 SA-25586 Lugger Schooner launched in 1933 by brazilian government as training ship . Now  a  major restoration project Brazil
Albany sloop of war put to sea on her first cruise on 26 November 1846 L-163.5 B-32
Alpha Barkentine. Built, 1948   Constructed in Finland as war reparations to Russia. Owned by Ministry of Mercantile Marine, Moscow. L-144 B29
Aluett Full scale replic of a 13th century merchant ship an open clinker type with one yard sail. She has four oars.Sweden
Alma Alma is a flat-bottomed scow schooner built at Hunters Point, SF 1891, and used n the San Francisco Bay area until 1957. It is the last surviving excellent example of the vernacular work craft used since the late 18th century in the United States. Calif  L-88 B-23.5 SA-2,684  
Alma Doepel 3 masted topsail schooner launched in1903
Alvei a former Scottish Herring Drifter built of riveted steel and launched in 1920. L-125 B-20 SA 5800
Alvin Clark Great Lakes  two masted schooner  built in  Detroit 1846. Sank 1864 was raised 1969 and as tourist attraction for several years as  A Mystery Ship
Amarylis Catamaran (1m).  Designed by Nathanael G. Herreshoff.  1875
Amasonia Flag: Canada Homeport: Heckman's Island, Nova Scotia / Lahave River Yacht Club
Rig: Marconi Schooner LOA: 44 ft LOD: 38 ft 6" LWL: 34 ft Beam: 9 ft 6" Draft: 6ft
Amboy Ex Helena, was a three-masted schooner built in 1874 . After sinking in 1891, it was refitted as a towbarge loss in Lake Superior in 1905
AMERICA 74-gun ships of the line. , America, was laid down in May 1777- 3 September 1782 to present the ship to King Louis XVI of France to replace the French ship of the line Magnifique which had run aground and been destroyed on 11 August 1782, L182.5 B-50
AMERICA The Schooner AMERICA is a brand-new, waterline-up recreation of the original racing yacht AMERICA, built in 1851,America arguably the most famous racing yacht in history was designed and built to accomplish a single task: her purpose was to demonstrate to the Old World that New World technology had matured enough not only to be competitive, but also to be superior  L-139 B-25 SA 6400 
American Eagle One of the great ladies of Gloucester's fishing fleet, launched June 2, 1930, she spent 53 years fishing, entirely re-built passenger Newport, RI L-122 B-20
American Pride The "American Pride" is an historic, The graceful three-masted schooner American Pride was built in 1941, originally as a two-masted "schooner-dragger" and launched as the "Virginia".  She spent over forty years commercially fishing the Grand Banks and  George's Banks.  Her career spanned the New England ports of New Bedford and Gloucester in Massachusetts,  Rockland in Maine.  She was a working fishing boat,reL-129 B-21 SA-4,900
American Pride schoonerman site
American Rover The American Rover is the largest three-masted, passenger carrying topsail schooner in the US at 135 feet in length. She is modeled after the Chesapeke Bay cargo schooners of the 19th century, L-129 B-21 SA-4,900

Amerigo Vespucci (Parte 1°) Nave Marina Militare Italiana

Part 2

Amerigo Vespucci Amerigo Vespucci 3 Mast Sailing  three-mated full rigger serves as the training vessel of the Italian Naval Academy L-331 B-50 SA-22,600 Italy Amerigo Vespucci
Stad Amsterdam In May 1985 the mayor of Amsterdam officially laid the keel of a fifty-metre long replica of the 18th century East Indiaman: THE AMSTERDAM Shortly before a group of true sailing fanatics proposed a plan to bring back to life one of the proud merchant vessels of the past. AMSTERDAM
Amorina In malaga doing sail cruises - companies, private groups, filmconpanies 1934 L-159 B-25 SA-7,000
Amara Zee 90 ft Ketch, the CARAVAN STAGEBARGE. first Ship Theatre in North America. L-90 B-22 SA-5,100 Md
Amaaonia AMASONIA Flag: Canada Homeport: Heckman's Island, Nova Scotia / Lahave River Yacht Club Rig: Marconi Schooner
LOA: 44 ft LOD: 38 ft 6"LWL: 34 ft Beam: 9 ft 6" Draft: 6ft
Amistad II
Replica of the schooner Amistad, involved in a significant incident in African American history. The freedom Schooner hand-hewn vessel. When complete, will ply the nation's waterways as an educational ambassador, teaching lessons of history, Construction is expected to conclude in 2000.  L-77 Conn
Amity" Brig Amity is a full scale replica  The original Amity was built in New Brunswick, Canada, in 1816. After spending time as a trading vessel, she was bought by the colonial govenment in Sydney for exploration and supply. It was important in establishing settlements in Moreton Bay, Queensland and King George Sound, Western Australia. The Amity was wrecked off Flinders Island on June 18th, 1845. L-76 B-21
Andiamo “Bluenose 30” Schooner Flag: Canada Homeport: Chester, Nova Scotia Rig: Staysail LOA: 29 ft 6 in. LOD: LWL: 23 ft 10 in. Beam: 8 ft 10 in ..
Angelique Gaff Topsail Ketch L.O.D.-95 B-24 SA-5,269
Angele Aline Angele Aline is actually a dundee, or ketch-rigged vessel, with a retractable bowsprit that allows extra maneuverability in channels and inlets. L-79 B-16 UK
Ann Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth is a Ted Brewer designed Lazy Jack 32  L-39.7 SA-550 Maryland
Ann McKim Clipper ship built in 1833 at the shipyard of Kennard & Williamson, Baltimore.L-143 B-27.5
Anne The Anne, a 70 gun ship-of-the-line launched in 1678 at Chatham, formed an important part of Pepys' Restoration Navy but was lost after the Battle of Beachy Head in 1690
Anna Kristina
Squared rigged topsail ketch  the Hardanger jakt that has sailed more miles than any of the other jakts built in Norway. She sailed as a sloop since she was built in 1889, as a ketchas from 1918, and as a motorship from she was rigged down in 1932 until 1977. Anna Kristina was restored in the late seventies and today she is proudly sailing as a ketch again.
Anna Minde Norwegian Tall Ship Anna Minde is berthed in Fredrikstad museum harbour, Norway. The ship participate annualy in youth training sailings like: Nordisk seilas, Vestkustseglatsen, Local regattas, School classes, youth organisations sailings on day basis. The ship is a traditionally build and rigged Norwegian gaff ketch of 62 feet.
Anna Rogde "launched August 20th 1868 at Bangsund Skipsverft in Namsos. ong and rich history and there is a reason for her to be called "the sailing queen of Norway"
'Antigua Barkentine built in 1956. From 1993-1995 the ship was restored by the owners and is now sailing as a cruising ship for passengers. Holland L-158 B-24 SA-7,500
Aquarius (formerly the Black Douglas or teQuest  L-175 b32 SA-11,400
Arabella  Schooner Arabella is a 154 foot schooner, will be launched in 1999 RI
Astrid Finne Built in Norway 1937 as an sailing/motor rescue vessel.Owned by MBV a Swedish sailtraining organisation. L-82.5 B-18 SA- 3,160
APHRODITE Dutch sailing Brig L-101 B-21.5
Archibald Russell four-masted barque built in 1905 L-293 b44
Arcturus Built in Maine in 1930, she is one of only nine boats from the John Alden 390 series. General George Patton and his wife sailed the yacht to Hawaii where he was stationed. At a later date he sailed her back to the west coast when war seemed imminent .refit in New Zealand. Now after fifteen thousand hours and three years of meticulous restoration LOA  67'      LOD  53'      Beam  14'3"    Draft  7'6"    Sail Area  1600 sq ft
Arung Samudera Class B four masted schooner lanched in1991 for Indonesian Navy L-128 B-22
Arethusa Ketch 72 ft UK
Argo Galley 54 1980 for trip tracing The Jason
Argus 4-masted gaff schooner. Steel. Built, 1938, Holland. Portuguese fishing  vessel. L-189 35
Ariel  An extreme composite clipper built in 1865 L197.3 B33.8
Artemis Built in 1926, Artemis started life as a whaling ship but has now been converted to sail as a three-masted barque.
T.S. Astrid Sq Rigged Sail training ship built pior to 1918 L105 b23 Eng
ASGARD II Brigantine owned by the state and operated as a sail training ship. She was built in Wicklow, Ireland, and launched in 1981 as a replacement for the original Asgard. boasts an unusual carved figure-head of Granuaile, the famous 16th century Pirate Queen. Her name comes from Norse mythology and means Home of the Gods. L-108 B-27 SA 37,200 Ireland
Assurance / Pomone 44 gun fifth rate lost in 1738, and the Pomone, a 38 gun fifth rate lost in 1811
M/S Atene schooner  from Swedens west coast 
Appledore II 2-masted gaff topsail schooner. Wood. U.S.A., Camden, Maine. Built 1978 L-86 B-19 SA-2,815 
 Appledore IV  The boat was built in 1989 in Palm Coast, Fla by Treworgy Yachts for Herb Smith of Boothbay Harbor, Me. It was designed by Bud McIntosh and is the fourth in Captain Smith's Appledore series of traditional schooners. engaged environmental education  in Bay City Michigan L-85
Appledore V Topsail schooner 58 ft. on deck, 65 ft. overall Beam 14 Ft. It does environmental education sails in spring and the Windward Bound youth sail training program through the summer Bay City Mi
Astrid Built in 1918, The Astrid was first a motor ship working as a herring drifter in the Baltic Sea. In 1970 she came into British hands and was refurbished with her impressive rigging and sailed as a training ship.
Atlantic The three-masted topsail schooner Atlantic was one of twelve vessels which competed for the 1905 Emperor’s Cup,  L-187 B29.5 SA 18,514
Atlantica Gaff Ketch Ukraine L-117 b21.5
ATLANTICA This ship was the showcase for Canada's Atlantic Provinces at Expo 67, the World's Fair, in Montreal, Canada. As fisherman-type schooner building is an art long associated with the Canadian Atlantic Provinces Mass L-47
Athenian Trireme Olympias 400 BC, Greece. Volunteer rowers to this reconstruction are needed every summer. The trireme was the quickest ship in antiquity. It was a hi-tech racer that could exceed 10 knots, chase and sink an enemy with its ram
Aurora Two masted schooner Built in 1947 retired from fishing trade in 1991 now doing charter work RI L-101 B-17.5 SA 2,800
Australia  Shallow-draft schooner of a type used coastwise trade `1852 Conn L-70.6
Avon Spirit Square topsail schooner be build by Avon River Heritage Society in Avondale, Nova Scotia L-54 W-16.5  SA 2,800
'Aurelia' At Camden, Maine
'Aurelia' At Camden, Maine
Cross, R
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ASA na na na American Schooner Association Conn.
ASTA na na na American Sail Training Association
(401) 864- 1775

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