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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Tall Ship Bounty Under Sail
Bluenose II
H M S Bounty
Baden-Baden 155.8 28.6 NA Rotor Powered Sailing Vessel
BAGHEERA 72 Stay sail schooner
Balclutha 256 38 20452 Full-rigged ship. Steel. Built 1886. Launched 12/09/1886, Charles Connell & Co., Glasgow, Scotland.  Currently used as a museum ship at Fishermans Wharf, San Fransisco   Calif
Barba Negra - The Spirit of Savannah" 121 23.5 7800 Three Masted Barquentine was built in the northern Norwegian town of Hemne in 1895 and 1896. She was launched under the name "Moder" during the spring of 1896. started her life sailing the North Atlantic as a whale chaser and cargo vessel Georgia
HMS Barfleur 2nd rate British ship 1768-1819
Bartholomew Ledges Spanish vessel the San Bartolome lost in 1597. .
Batavia 175 38 11,800 Reconstruction of the Batavia on a shipyard in the Dutch city of Lelystad. Under the guidance of Master-shipbuilder Willem Vos a group of young people worked on this project Netherlands
Bat'kivschyna 95 18 The 90-foot schooner Bat'kivshchyna (Fatherland) and it's captain are the means by which Discover Ukraine hopes to accomplish its charter. The Bat'kivshchyna is currently in the United States, having completed participation in OpSail2000tm and TallShips2000tm (see Events). Next is a visit to the Great Lakes in 2001, the US west coast in 2002, followed by a visit to Australia, and eventually home; having effectively circumnavigated the globe Ukraine
Thomas F Bayard na na na
Sailing schooner built 1880 in Brooklyn N.Y. was broken up by the city of Vancouver B.C. Canada Oc t2002
Baltimore Clipper na na na -MCS Essay na
Bald Eagle 195 41.5 na An extreme clipper built in 1852 by Donald McKay,.
HMS Beagle Bark 3 mast 1820 built  1830 Cirumnavigation assigned to the ship was a twenty-one-year-old botany student, Charles Darwin,
Beatrice 289 42 . Ex Routenburn  Swedish Four-masted iron barque built in 1881 . .
Bear 3-masted barkentine. Wood. LOA=190ft. 30in oak hull with Australian Ironwood sheathing. Built, 1873 by Dundee&Son, Dundee, Scotland. Considered by many to be the finest ship ever to serve in the U.S. Revenue Service(the forerunner to the U.S. Coast Guard).
R. H. Becker 108 23 na A two masted scow schooner of 140 gross tons,built 1867 Sank 1908
Bee 69 15 1275 Replica of one three major transport vessels at the Penetanguishene Navel Establishment from 1817 to 1831. Initially referred to as a "Durham boat", Ont
 Belem 168. 29 12000 (formerly Giorgio Cini, Fantôme II, Belem) Bark (3m). L/B/D: 162.7 × 28.9 × 11.5 . Built:  France; 1896. 1922 Sold to A.E. Guinness and renamed the Fantôme II 1972
Rerigged again as a barque. 1979 Returned to French ownership and given back her original name Belem 1983 Put back in active service as a training ship. Photo
Plisson, Philip
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Plisson, Philip

Belem vertical Noir & Blanc
Belem vertical 
Noir & Blanc
Plisson, Philip
Belem vertical


Le Belem au Large de Belle-Ile
Le Belem au 
Large de Belle-Ile
Siecle du Belem
Siecle du Belem
Plisson, Philip
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Bel Espoir 120 23 5005 3-masted gaff schooner. Wood. Built, 1944    Designed and equipped to carry as much as 200 head of cattle between Copenhagen and Hamburg.
HMS Bellerophon Arrogant-class 3rd rate 74 (3m). L/B/D: 168 × 46.8 × 19.8 1786-1836
Bessie Ellen Ketch Bessie-Ellen is one of the last remaining examples of a West Country Trading Ketch, popular as cargo vessels around the UK and Europe up until the 1930’s. Such vessels were the livelihoods of many families in Cornwall and Devon and Bessie-Ellen was owned and worked by the same family for 40 years.
BILL of RIGHTS 136 24 6300 Gaff topsail schooner now owned by the Los Angeles Maritime Institute Calif
Blackbeard  II 66 Merritt Walters Schooner Fl
Black Jack 95 15 3000 brigatine School ship origins were as a tug, originally constructed in Scotland and sent to Quyon, Quebec on the Ottawa River for fitting in 1904. She was launched on May 2, 1904 and later converted to a tall ship in 1952 Canada
Black Pearl 72 15 1991 barkentine. Wood. Built, 1951 used as private yacht
Bluenose II

Bluenose II

161 27 12550 A Grand Banks fishing schooner is acknowledged to h0ave the largest working mainsail in the world, measuring 4,150 square feet (386 m² ), Total sail area measures over 11,000 square feet (1036 m² )
Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management
Boston (1) The Continental gondola (or gundalow) Boston was one of eight or nine small, single-masted rowing gunboats built at Skenesborough (now Whitehall), New York, in mid-1776. Intended to help defend Lake Champlain from British forces driving down from Canada, she was probably identical to, or at least very similar to, the Philadelphia, which was salvaged nearly intact during the 1930s and is now on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution. On 11-13 October 1776 Boston participated in the Battle of Valcour Island a
Boston (2) Boston, a 514-ton 24-gun frigate, was built at Newburyport, Massachusetts, as part of the effort by the American colonies to create a seagoing navy. Completed in 1777, in May of that year she began a North Atlantic cruise in company with the frigate Hancock
Boston (3) USS Boston, a 700-ton 28-gun frigate, was built at Boston, Massachusetts, paid for by public subscription during the undeclared war with France. Commissioned in mid-1799, she protected American commerce in the West Indies from July 1799 until June 1800. After spending the summer off the U.S. coast she resumed station in the West Indies in September 1800. On 12 October 1800 Boston captured the French frigate Le Berceau after a bloody engagement and subsequently brought her prize back to the U.S.
H M S Bounty na na 10000+ This replica of the famous 18th three masted sq rigged tall ship was commisioned by MGM Studios for the 1962 remake of Mutiny on the Bounty, staring

Losing the Bounty Forever. 
Bounty Come to South Haven Mi

A coal-carrying merchant ship operating on the coast of England, The Bounty was purchased by the admiralty and recommissioned in 1787. She was to sail halfway around the world to Tahiti; collect Cargo and transport it to the West Indies. A dramatic mutiny was lead by Fletcher Christian against the infamous Captain Bligh. After completion of the commissioned trip, Fletcher and his mutineers forced Bligh into the launch with 18 of his loyal supporters. Fletcher navigated the longboat 3,600 miles and settled for the next 25 years on Pitcairn Island
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Bonhomme Richard, na na na John Paul Jones ship na
Bonnie Lynn 72 15 2075 a gaff rigged topsail schooner, having three head sails and a traditional square fore topsail, Maine
Bowdoin- 101 21 3000 The 1921 auxiliary schooner Bowdoin is a unique vessel in the annals of American maritime history and the saga of Arctic exploration -National Historic Landmark Study Maine
Arctic Schooner Bowdoin : A Biography
Midwest Book Review
Author Virginia Thorndike's love of sailing and great boats shines through in her lively portrait of this remarkable vessel. The 74-year-old Bowdoin comes alive through the personal journals, published records, and tales from dozens of people whose lives have been changed by their time spent with the schooner. Thorndike traces the Bowdoin's diverse lives from an exploration vessel and conscript in the Navy during WW II, to a museum exhibit and a classroom for Outward Bound. The biography includes historic, black-and-white photos of the Bowdoin and those who have sailed aboard her on more than 25 Arctic voyages, as well as outstanding color photos by acclaimed photographer Tom Stewart. Today, owned by Maine Maritime Academy.
Brandywine 175 45 na The frigate SUSQUEHANNA was renamed BRANDYWINE prior to her launching by Washington Navy Yard, with President John Quincy Adams on board, 16 June 1825. na
Brenda Grace Walker 99 20 NA Built in 1886 in Mauricetown, NJ. Built originally as a working schooner hauling oysters in the Delaware Bay. She was rebuilt in 1973 for the passenger trade and has been in Penobscot Bay, Maine since then. She is a National Historic Landmark.
Brilliant 74 14.7 3800 Two masted gaff schooner one of the finest sailing yet ever built 1932 Conn
Brites 141 NA NA 4-masted gaff schooner. Wood. Built 1936 .Portuguese Grand Banks schooners sailing off Newfoundland for cod.

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