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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Sailing Ships C

CONSTELLATION Constellation leaving Baltimore on it's annual turn around. July 2003 McAllen Phot

Constellation leaving Baltimore on it's annual turn around. July 2003 Photo by

   William Mcallen <>

CONSTELLATION   Schoonerman site

Calabash 44 na na gaff-rigged schooner na
Caledonia 245 30   square-rigged barquentine, is the largest sailing ship built in Canada in the last 100 years. She is the only sailing Expedition Cruise Vessel of its size offering shipboard coastal adventures in North America. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada
Californian. 145 24.5 7000 full-scale re-creation of the 1848-vintage Revenue Cutter, C.W. Lawrence, Calif
Captain Miranda 205 27 na Staysail schooner, has served her nation’s Navy for more than two decades. Built in 1930 as a iron sailing cargo carrier 474 tons, she was active in various trades in Latin America after World War II. She became a hydrographic survey vessel for the Uruguayan Navy during the 1960s, and in 1978 she became a sailing ship again,    more info Uruguay
Caribee 119 24 4844 copy of the early 18th and 19th century privateers and slave traders
Carinae IX 128 26 6100 Carinae IX is a 128-ft, 110-ton steel schooner completed in Canada in 2003. She is currently one of the largest modern sailing ships in North America. 
Carita 170 27 9354 3-masted staysail schooner na
Carrie 60OD na 3000 built in 1947 was originally named 'Kenavo' trading as a crayfish carrier between France and Mauritania, she was one of the last wooden sailing vessels built for this trade. After extensive re-fitting and re-rigging in 1986 England
Carrick 176 33 .NA Composite (iron and teak) clipper ship built in 1864 by W. Pile Jr, Sunderland, as the City of Adelaide  as of 2006 the ship may be wreck or saved
CARROLL A. DEERING 255 44 NA built 1919 Bath. She was of wood construction, 5 masted schooner,


Brig Carthaginian


135 22 7000 The Carthaginian II was built in Germany during the 1920s and was later transformed into the kind of ship in which New England missionaries sailed to Hawaii. The ship underwent extensive renovations in 1989. Haw.
Cattewater na na na a merchantman of 200-300 tons burden lost around 1530.. na
Centurion 75 13 2583 Brigantine replica of the the fast American customs na
Challenge 95 na 3,250 Three masted Schooner designed on the lines of the original clipper schooners that dominated the Great Lakes shipping in the late 19th century. Ont.
Champing 311 45   4-masted bark. Steel. (later Fennia) Bark (4m). L/B/D: 312.1 × 45.9 × 23.8 (95.1m × 14m × 7.2m). Tons: 3112 grt. Hull: steel. Built: Chantiers de la Méditerranée
Chapman   Steel full-rigged ship, 1425 tons, built in 1888 as Dunboyne for Irish owners.

1908: Sold to Norwegian owners.
1915: Sold to Swedish owners and renamed G.D. Kennedy. Used as a working school-ship.
1923: Sold to Swedish Navy, and renamed af Chapman.
1934: Retired.          

sailing ship af Chapman - the Youth Hostel.        

Champion of the Seas 252 45.6 A four-masted medium clipper barque built in 1853 by Donald McKay sailed 465 miles in 24 hours
CHESAPEAKE l. 152' b. 41' dph. 20' The first Chesapeake , a 36-gun frigate, was launched 2 December 1799 by Gosport Navy Yard and commissioned early in the following year, Captain J. Barron in command. a. 30 x 18-pdr., 12 x 32-pdr.

Built: 1841, JETHRO AND ZACHARIAH HILLMAN, FAIRHAVEN, MASSACHUSETTS. Length: 105.6, Beam: 27.7, Draft/Depth of Hold: 12.6/17.6, Gross/Net Tons: 313.7/298. Hull: WOOD. Preservation Status: GOOD CONDITION, 40% ORIGINAL FABRIC, LISTED ON THE NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES, REF. NO. 66000804, DESIGNATED A NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK, 11/13/66. Mystic Seaport

Chile 191 28 na Brig rigged iron screw steamer built in 1856 by C. Lungley, London. na
Chrissie Wright NA NA NA 800-ton, three masted schooner, which fetched up and foundered on January 11, 1886, abreast the Banker Village of Wades NA
Christian Radich 205 31 13280 full-rigged ship. Steel. Built, 1937 by Framnaes Mek, Verstad, Sandefjord, Norway. Norway.
Christina Lynn 55 12 1300 Originally designed as an Auxiliary Cargo Schooner.Hull is oak with spruce planking, Hull below water line is Yellow Birch, Deck and coach roof are glassed with mahogany trim. Construction started early 90's, rigged and first launched 1997 Ontario
Cisne Branco 228 35   Cisne Branco is a tall ship ship of the Brazilian Navy hailing out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, though she travels worldwide.Cisne Branco ("Mute Swan") is a full-rigged ship built in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Damen Shipyard. Her keel was laid on 9 November 1998, launched and christened on 4 August 1999, delivered to Brazilian Navy on 4 February 2000, and commissioned as a Brazilian naval vessel on March 9, 2000. Brazil
City of Grand Haven 127 26 Na One of Great Lake last commerical schooner to be sailing  built in 1872 last season 1926
CLEARWATER 106 24.6 4305 full-sized replica of the 18-19th century vessels known as River Sloop Clearwater, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and defense of the Hudson River NY
Cleta 153 29.5 na A royal-yard rigged clipper barque built in 1866 . na
Clipper City 158 27.5 9836 replica of a Great Lakes lumber schooner of the same name that sailed from 1854 until 1892. Mary
Clipper Stad Amsterdam  

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam was built at the initiative of Randstad and the municipality of Amsterdam. The ship is registered under the Dutch flag, as a sailing passenger ship. The ship has authentic square rigging and a pointed bow. On the 60-metre long, wooden deck, the passengers can enjoy the towering rigging, impressive yards and endless quantities of rope

Coeur de Lion 182 36 na Clipper ship built in 1854 by George Raynes, na
Columbus L 192 b. 53 dr. 25 The second Columbus, rated a 74-gun ship-of-the-line, was launched 1 March 1819 by Washington Navy Yard and commissioned 7 September ; a. 68 32-pdr., 24 42-pdr. car.)
301 50.5 .na Four-masted wooden barque built in 1824 Built of mostly square timbers with a perfectly flat bottom and straight sides and with the intention to be taken apart at her destination and sold for her lumber .na
Comet 229 41.3 na Three-masted wooden extreme clipper ship built in 1851 in New York. na
Compass Rose 57 14 2200 replica of an 18th century coastal schooner Na.
Conrad na na na full-rigged training ship used in Mystic educational programs. Built in 1882 Conn
Concordia 188 31 10000 Three masted barkentine a floating class room. na
HMS Conway Laid down at Chatham Royal Naval Dockyard London. She was a sixth rate man of war of 652 tons, with 26 guns, a Jackass Frigate. She was designed by Sir Robert Seppings.
Coral two-masted schooner built in Port Jefferson, Long Island, in 1878, continued carrying cargo until being nearly destroyed in the Hurricane of 1938.


173 27 na launched in 1885 and is America's oldest surviving grand yacht. The 133' schooner was at one time the largest sailing yacht flying the New York Yacht Club burgee. In 1887 she beat Dauntless in the 3rd transatlantic race. transatlantic race in1887 now be restored by IYRS RI
Corwith Cramer 134 26 7800 Brigatine Wood Hole School Vessel Mass
Lottie Cooper Schooner Lottie Cooper , lost 04/09/1894, built 1876, burden 252, dimensions (feet) 131 x 27 x 9 -- Capsized and landed on the beach just north of the North Pier.In 1993, the City of Sheboygan decided to display the remains. Artifacts of this size are unique. Very few Great Lakes shipwrecks have been recovered
Cristobals 70 na na Herreshoff ketch Maine
Chrysolite 149.2 26.1 na Extreme clipper ship built in 1851 by Alexander Hall & Sons, na
Creole 214 30 32000 3-masted staysail schooner. Composite construction. Built, 1927 na
Creoula na na na four-masted sailing vessel Voyage na


75 20 2900 This is the classical fore-and-aft schooner rigged Baltic trader. Built of good danish oak in 1908 in the shipping and ship-building centre of Marstal/Ärö, Sweden

USS CONSTITUTION--called "Old Ironsides" because bullets could not penetrate her tough oak sides--was one of the first of the original six frigates that made up the U.S. Navy. A 44-gun frigate built at the Edmond Hartt Shipyard, Boston, MA, in 1797. Her dimensions are 53,34x13,26x6,0 (d) m [175'0x43'6"x16'7"] and with a displacement of 2000 tons., the ship carried a crew of more than 450. is now The oldest commissioned vessel in the US Navy. Presently serving as a museum ship at the Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA. moored in Boston

CONSTELLATION Schoonerman site



The Constellation a 36-gun ship was the second FRIGATE built for the U.S. Navy was launched in 1797, But was the first of the US Navy's original six frigates to go to sea in June of1798 a 36-gun ship launched in 1797.   On Feb. 9, 1799, during the undeclared naval war with France (1798-1800), the ship, under the command of Thomas Truxtun, captured the 40-gun French frigate L'Insurgente. A year later the Constellation engaged another French frigate, the Vengeance. After being rebuilt, the Constellation was used against Confederate commerce raiders during the Civil War Now in Baltimore   
CONGRESS (I) 126 35 na US sailing frigate . One of the first 13 ships authorized na
CONGRESS (II) 164 41 na US frigate launched 15 August 1799 under the command of Captain J. Sever. na
CONGRESS (III) 179 48 na the fourth CONGRESS was launched at the Navy Yard, Portsmouth, N.H., 16 Aug. 1841, na
Courier 80 18 NA Russian replica frigate 3 masts, 6 cannon, 24m loa, 5.5m beam, draft 2.6m, air draft 22m, displ. 80 t., pine on pine, built and launched 1993 in Petrozavodsk, Russia.This is a replica of the 1702 frigate Courier, one of Peter the Great's very first naval ships, built to fight against the Swedes and push them out of the Gulf of Finland so Peter could open his "window to Europe Russia
Cruz del Sur 171 27 16146 full-rigged ship (ex 3-masted schooner) Wood. Built 1945-47 as a training vessel Na
Cuauhtémoc Barque 278 40 25489 Barque built 1982 The ship has covered 236,930 nautical miles since 1982 as the training ship for the Mexican Navy Mex
Curlew 82 na na In the 1920s and 30s, master yacht designer John G. Alden created and refined what became the embodiment of a fast and seaworthy boat - the Alden Schooner. Curlew is one of the finest examples of these craft sailing today.
Built in 1926 
Curlew (older Site)

Cutty Sark 


280 36 32000 Cuttysark November 1869, a beautiful little clipper ship of 963 tons gross was launched at Dumbarton on the Scottish Clyde. On that day, she was given a name that was to become renowned throughout the seafaring world,

Cutty Sark Sailing Ships

The Casco
The Casco
Coulter, William
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Cicely, 1908
Cicely, 1908
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Caress, 1895
Caress, 1895
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