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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Schooner Denis Sullivan, Wisconsin's Floating Classroom and Ambassador Flagship, . A history lesson in itself, the S/V Denis Sullivan is a re-creation of a traditional Great Lakes schooner, the semi-trailer trucks of the 19th century. The only Tall Ship to take shape in Wisconsin in over a hundred years, she will sail throughout the Great Lakes and beyond after her launch in the summer of 2000. As she sails, she will carry with pride the names of every volunteer, student, visitor, and donor who has supported this remarkable project. She will be a highly visible focal point for increased awareness of the Great Lakes ecosystem and environmental concerns, and a tool for cultural awareness through preservation of our rich maritime history.
Denis Sullivan photo by Thad Koza author of Tall Ships : The Fleet for the 21st Century

D.Fernando II 284 42 22,190 The "D.Fernando II e Glória", was the last frigate under sail to serve in the Portuguese Navy and the last warship, on the "India run" . This run was a regular military route that linked Portugal to her former colony during more then three centuries, since the sixteen hundreds. She was the last big ship of the Navy to be built in the Damão shipyards, in this old Portuguese colony.

Her hull was of teak from Nagar-Aveli and, after her launching in 1843,Is now being restored she was towed to Goa where she was fitted out as a full-rigged ship.

Dan Hayes Built in 1868 by R. Hayes of Fairport, Ohio, the scow schooner Dan Hayes (U.S. Registry 35041) was first owned by Hayes and Fountain, also of Fairport. The vessel was 112 feet in length and 24.16 feet in beam,
Danmark 198 33 16'320 A steel-hulled, three-masted, full-rigged ship.  s built at Nakskov Shipyard in Denmark in 1933. The masts from fore to aft: foremast, mainmast and mizzenmast. DANMARK can be rigged with 26 sails with a area of 1,632 m2 and can be rigged with fifteen square sails, five sails on each mast, and ten staysails, of which four are headsails, while the others are sails that can be rigged between the three masts of the ship. Finally, the mizzenmast is rigged with a spanker. Denmark
Dar Mlodziezy 358 46 30154 Fully rigged ship . The Dar Mlodziezy has been a Polish-built flag ship of the Gdynia Maritime Academy since 4th , 1982. Poland
Denis Sullivan 125 23.5 8000  

Denis Sullivan ,a reproduction of a 19th Century Great Lakes Schooner; a 130 foot, three masted schooner,

DEN STORE BJORN 167 23 NA Schooner Wood Launched 1902 Denmark
H.M.S. Detroit NA NA NA   HMS Detroit, the hull of the uncompleted ship was hauled to RI in 2008  Ont
Dewarutji 192 31 1184 Barquentine launched at Hamburg, Germany, in 1953. Ever since then the ship has been based in Surabaya and used as the Indonesian Navy's sail taining ship. DjakartaIndonesia
Dirigo II 72 15.5 2150 two masted gaff rigged schooner with two jibs below top masts, one jib to the fore top mast, a Golley wobbler and a top sail when fully rigged. Bow sprit but no stern sprit Calif
Discovery 171 34 12315 bark. Wood. Built, 1901 for the British Royal Antarctic the Headquarters of the Scott Museum at Victoria Embankment, Eng
Double Eagle Schooner 110 33 NA re Teepee  3 masted schooner built in 1930s na
Downeast Rover 56 12.5 870 topsail schooner designed by Merritt Walter and built to ABS steel, her spars are aluminum and her sails are tanbark Dacron. N.C.
Duenna 61 11 1615 brigantine. Wood. Built, 1903 England.   Originally a single-masted oyster smack and named 'Sid, Will and Harry'.
Dunay 318 48 20450 full-rigged ship (frigate). Steel. Built 1928 Italy. handed over to Russia At the end of the 2nd World War Used as a training ship by the Russian Navy
Dreadnought 212 41.5 Three-masted medium clipper ship built in 1853 Newburyport, MA.Sailed for the Red Cross Line made 31 roundtrips between New York and Liverpool during the years 1853 to 1864.  
Dream Catcher   74 20 Custom built steel schooner Built in 1996 sailing out of Key West 
L.A. Dunton 123 na na This Gloucester fisherman, 123 feet, 3 inches over all, is one of the few remaining vessels of her type in the country. Designed by Thomas F. McManus, the L.A. Dunton was built by Arthur D. Story and launched from his well-known yard at Essex, Massachusetts, in 1921. Built after auxiliary gasoline power had become common in schooners, the Dunton was probably the last large engineless fishing schooner (a few later ones were built primarily for racing). The Dunton was used in the haddock and halibut fisheries, landing her catches in Boston.  was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1994. Mystic Conn
Duyfken (Little Dove) na na na In 1606 the small Dutch ship made a voyage of exploration from present-day Indonesia to the shores of the Cape York Peninsula in north-eastern Australia Aust
David Dows 365 37 na The grandest cargo schooner ever to sail the Great Lakes, and at the time, was the largest 5 masted schooner in the world. 1881-1889 na
Captain Adams Dodd na na na The Life , Times and Schooners na

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