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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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E Schooners and Sailing Ships

ERNESTINA, formerly the Effie Morrissey. Photo by Thad Koza,  Newport,  RI or



295 40 22,245 a three-masted sailing Barque It is the only active commissioned sailing vessel in the U.S. Coast Guard (One of five such Training Barques in world. Sister ships include: MIRLEA of Romania, SAGRES II of Portugal, GORCH FOCK of Germany, and TOVARICH of Russia.)

Die 'EAGLE', ex Horst Wessel
Eagle Seamanship : A Manual for Square-Rigger Sailing
This is a short "behind the scenes" high definition music video of the United States Coast Guard Cutter "Barque Eagle". This footage was shot during a two week cruise between July 13th and July 27th 2007. The cruise began in Veracruz, Mexico and ended in Miami, Florida.

This short, rough cut footage is part of a much longer documentary of the US Coast Guard Cutter Barque Eagle.
Roy Wright - Eagle U.s. Coast Guard
Eagle U.s. Coast Guard
Roy Wright
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Endeavor's Turn
Endeavor's Turn
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Eagle 68 16.5 1884 Schooner topsail and gaff rig make her the envy of every anchorage. She combines beautiful traditional design with modern comforts and conveniences in a safe welded-steel hull. Fl
Easterner NA NA NA 12-meter American Cup Contender built in 1958  RI
Earl of Pembroke 145 24 9500 originally named Orion and built in Pukavick, Sweden  as one of the last three masted sailing schooners, in 1945. She traded timber in the Baltic and British Eash Coast until being laid up in Thisted, Denmark in 1974. In 1994 she was commissioned as the three masted 18th Century wooden Barque that she is today.Earl of Pembroke info from Red Sky UK
Edna 62 17 Two masted schooner launched at Chicago in the summer of 1877 sank in the fall
EDWARD  B. WINSLOW  Six masted schooner Launched at at Bath in 1906, this $170,000 vessel
EDWARD  J. LAWRENCE Six masted schooner built by Percy & Small ship yard in Bath in 1908
Edwin Fox Built in 1853 at Sulkeah, Bengal Province, India. Last ship built to 'The Honourable East India Company' design.
EENDRACHT 199 NA NA Schooner                                                          NETHERLANDS
ELEANOR  A. PERCY six-masted schooner built at the Percy & Small shipyard in Bath and launched October 10, 1900, she exceeded the Wells in size and was the largest schooner ever built
Eleonora 157 26.4 11000 Eleonora is a recently built Nathaniel Green Herreshoff schooner, modelled on his legendary design of 1910, Westward  
Empire Sandy 200   10,000 The Empire Sandy was built in 1943 at Willington Quay-on-Tyne, England. She   is a three masted, gaff-rigged schooner, made of steel with an overall length of 200 feet. She displaces 740 tons Ont
The Endeavour sinks the Enterprize in George Marshall Bay ( Flinders Island - Bass Straight - Tasmania )
ENDEAVOR 110 30 14620 A full scale sailing replica of the original in which Captain James Cook made his first historic world voyage of discovery. Austr

ELEANOR A. PERCY 342 45 na This six masted schooner had gross tonnage of 2970, was among the largest of wooden vessels ever built.
Elena-Maria-Barbara 97 16   Topsail schooner built in 1995 wood Russia
Elisa: 202 28 12000 When the National Historic Landmark tall ship, the three-masted iron-hulled barque ELISSA, now also designated as one of “America’s Treasures”, was trading the Baltic and North Seas as m/aux GUSTAF of Sideby in command of Captain Harald Westerholm Finland
Fast and Able Life Stories of Great Gloucester Fishing Vessels Written by Gordon ThomasFast and Able Life Stories of Great Gloucester Fishing Vessels
-Capt. Jeffrey Thomas was a Gloucester high-liner, who lost his life at the wheel of his schooner Adventure in 1934. His son Gordon began collecting photographs of schooners when he was thirteen. By the time he was done, Nautical Brass called him “the man who has done most to document the history of the great Gloucester fishing schooners.” Fast and Able, first published in 1952, is Thomas’s masterwork, a series of “life stories” of legendary Gloucester schooners. This fiftieth anniversary edition features:
ENTERPRIZE 122 17.8 2000 Built in 1997, this is a replica of the ship that brought the first settlers to the site that would become Melbourne (AUS).The project has been funded by THE ENTERPRIZE SHIP TRUST.For more information, please ring 93973477 (Melbourne). AUS
Enterprise na na na A History of Ships Named Enterprise na
ERNESTINA   156 24.4 8,323 Grandbanks fishing schooner formerly the Effie Morrissey. built in Essax, Massachusetts,1894 Currently homeporting in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
Esperanto 107 25 na Gloucester Fishing Schooner built in Essex launched in1906. .On May 30, 1921, just months after winning the International Fisherman's Schooner Race in Halifax, Esperanto struck the submerged wreck of the "S. S. State of Virginia" off Sable Island, and sanke Depth 11 feet Gross weight 140 tons Net weight 91 tons na
Esmeralda 370 44 28,700 4-masted barquentine, built in Cadiz, Spain in 1953 for the Chilean Navy. chile

The Cruise of the Essex

. . . Essex,32. Built at Salem in 1799. 860 bm. Forty 32 pdr carronades, six long 12 pdrs. .
"Ethel von Brixham" 80 NA 4000 build around 1887 in Brixham South-England. As a sailing trawler she was fishing for decades in the North-Sea and Biscaya. Kiel
ETOILE MOLENE 98 23 na Gaft rigged cutter launched 1954 France
Esk na na na Wreck of the Esk na
Estelle 165 23 6630 built in Emden in 1922 as a fishing boat. It was extended in 1957, and plied European waters as a bulk cargo boat until 1986.equipped a merchant sailing ship for the purposes of fair world trade Turku.
ELY na na na 3 mast schooner sank 1896 Great Lakes na
Roy Wright - Eagle U.s. Coast Guard
Eagle U.s. Coast Guard
Roy Wright
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Elizabeth II
Photo By: Paul S. Marley
Elizabeth II 78 16.5 1,920 Three Masted Bark is a representitive of one of the ships that brought the first englishmen to the new world (1584 Roanoke Island). NC
Eugenia is currently undergoing construction. project entails the replication of the original Eugenia that sailed the archipelago of southwest Finland from 1879 to 1951. The aim ot only build a non-commercial, sail-training vessel for school-aged children, boy scouts and other youth, butto revive many of the shipbuilding skills that are now almost forgotten. A target date of May 2000 has been set for completion.
Eugene Eugenides 195 30 16580 3-masted topsail schooner. Steel. Built 1929    Patterned after the original Sunbeam built in 1874, Greece.

A voyage to Antarctica or one of the surroundings islands is the absolute top within tourism nowadays. It is an almost pure area with an abundant wildlife. The overwhelming power of a glacier, descending from a 2500 meter high summit, and of icebergs floating around the vessel is hard to describe. Penguins, seals and whales join us and thanks to the southern summer, temperatures average above freezing.”

Afterwards there is a fifth expedition of seven weeks from Ushuaia to Capetown, South Africa. During this expedition the ship will call again almost at all spots in Antarctica as the 22 days expeditions. From Antarctica the EUROPA will sail with prevailing westerly wind to South Georgia. Here you anchor in different bays for one week. Ten days after leaving South Georgia you arrive in one on the most remote island of the world: Tristan da Cunha. After a stop of a few days EUROPA sets sail for the last part to Cape Town.

Please contact them for a comprehensive information package of the expeditions. Furthermore you can find a short voyage description on the website The sailing schedule is enclosed.

Europa 146     "Europa" was launched as "Senator Brockes" by the Stülcken shipyard in Hamburg, in 1911 for use as a lightship.In the years since 1994 when she re-commenced sailing, "Europa" has developed a reputation as a ship which really sails. thi Bark has also become famous among "Tall Ship lovers Europa Information from Red Skya Netherlands


Evangelyn 60 na na schooner for a proposed Museum project. to be a yacht of traditional heavy plank-on-frame construction with the intention of utilizing the type of yacht and technology prevalant during the period of 1910-1920 na
EXCELSIOR 102 19 na Gaft Ketch The sailing trawler EXCELSIOR was built in Lowestoft in 1921 and fished the North Sea, trawling for plaice until 1935. She was then sold to Norway and spent the next 36 years as a motor coaster under the name Svinřr. In 1972 she was brought back to England for restoration and, in 1982, the Excelsior Trust was formed to complete the work and operate her as a sail training ship. UK
Eye of the Wind

History and Stories of the eye of the wind

132 23 8000 Iron Brigantine Launched 1911originally called 'Friedrich as top-sail schooner for the South American hide trade.In 1923 she was sold to Sweden and carried general cargo under the name Merry. Three years later her first engine was installed and gradually her rig was reduced and altered to a ketch but after a fire in 1969 when her wheel house and poop deck were destroyed, her old iron hull was sold to square rigger enthusiasts who began rebuilding her. During the 1970s she was fitted out as a brigantine in Faversham, Kent and circumnavigated the globe as her first voyage as the Eye of the Wind. England
Isaac H. Evans, 99 20 na A National Historic Landmark Launched 1886 She was built when oystering was the biggest fishing industry in America and spent many years working the Delaware Bay till she came to Maine for a new life. She was completely rebuilt at the Bath Marine Museum and adapted for her new industry. Maine

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