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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Falls of Clydee
A full-rigged four-masted iron ship built in 1878 Presently preserved as a museum ship at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI,

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Falls of Clyde 266 40 Na A full-rigged four-masted iron ship built in 1878 Presently preserved as a museum ship at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI, HI
Falken 128 24 5586 Full-rigged ship the Royal Swedish Navy uses as training vessels

(ex Flying Cloud)

282 45 18525 Built in 1927 for the Duke of Westminster, is among the world's largest four masted staysail schooners. Former owners include the Guiness Brewing family and Aristotle Onassis Missing Oct 98 south of Guanaja Island off the Honduran coast in Hurricane Mitch
Fair Jeanne 110 24.5 4500 Fair Jeanne is a Canadian sail training brigantine operating in the Great Lakes during summer months and the Caribbean in winter. She is operated by Bytown Brigantine, a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to providing adventure experiences at sea. Programs available for people of all ages. Canada
Foudroyant 150 40 Na (ex, Trincomalee)..frigate(full-rigged ship). Teak. Built, 1816-17 Homeport: Portsmouth, England. In 1847 she was commisioned sailed the North American and West Indian waters sank in an 1893 storm.
Fram 117 36 6458 3-masted topsail schooner. Wood. Built, 1892 by Colin Archer's a great 'ice ship' An 'expedition ship' her hull was 30 inches thicks Norwegian polar expedition led by Fritjof Nansen from 1893 to 1896. From 1910 to 1912 she was Roald Amundsen's expedition ship in his historic voyage to the South Pole. She has voyaged further both north and south than any other ship in history. In Oslo-Bygdoy a special building, the 'Fram Museum' houses the ship and artifacts.
"France II Renaissance" 492 56 68.350 Built at Bordeaux in 1911 by the yard of the Chantiers de la Gironde, the France II had been ordered by the ship-owning firm of Mr Prentout. She had truly impressive specifications: "France II Renaissance"Association is to build a ship along the lines and plans of the five-masted barque France II     France
Frank Edmund 66 16 2400 Leland and his wife, Cecily, began building a 65-foot-long schooner outside their Poway home 29 years ago  
Friends Good Will Sloop 101 A replica of Friends Good Will,(Little Belts) is currently located South Haven Michigan Maritime Museum. It is be sloop rigged with a sparred length of 101 ft  The original built in Detroit 1811 as a merchant ship capture by The British in 1812   converted to a man of war (Little Belts) Re captured by Perry in the Battle of Lake Eire Mi
FRIENDSHIP 171 na na planning to construct a full-scale replica of a 1797 Salem East Indiaman Mass
'Fridtjov Nansen' 171 .NA .8500 German 3 Masted main-Topsail-Schooner .NA
Firedrake, is based on the Ralsweig/Rugen II Viking longship wreck found off the island of Rugen, German
S/V Flying Cloud 208 35 NA ..Built in 1935 for the French Navy, OISSEAU DES ISLES (Bird of the Islands) served as a cadet training ship. During World War II, she posed as a decoy, spying for the Allied Forces. After the war, she was used to transport cargo along the Baja coast. In 1968 she joined the Windjammer fleet BVI
Flying Cloud
iconFlying Cloud Clipper ship
225  41 na Flying Cloud  An extreme clipper launched in 1851, at the shipyard of Donald McKay, East Boston, for Enoch Train, Boston. na
In 1768 James Cook, on an epic sea journey that secured his place in history, discovered Australia. One hundred years later, countering cherished legends, George Collingridge dared to claim that the Portuguese had gotten to Australia first. Now Vanessa Collingridge, his distant cousin, unravels the strange tale of history's most fascinating explorer and the man who sought to dethrone him. Collingridge charts Cook's celebrated voyages: Cook mapped the Pacific Islands, circumnavigated Antarctica Explorations of Captain James Cook in the Pacific As Told by Selections of His Own Journals, 1768-1779 The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast 1600-1720 The Life of Captain James Cook Like Pizarro and Cortez, Capt. James Cook changed history by discovering unknown lands and opening them up to European settlement. Born to a farming family in 1729, Cook longed for a career at sea, apprenticed himself to a shipping company, and after nine years rose to the rank of captain in the merchant marine. On the verge of a profitable career, he resigned to enlist in the Royal Navy and soon became an officer an improbable feat in the 18th century. After service in Canada in the French and...


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