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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Photo by Thad Koza

 Juan Sebastian de Elcano Spans 370 Foot Topsail schooner was launched in 1927 and has circumnavigated the world six times. This four masted schooner is the offical training ship for the Spanish Navy
HALF MOON 95 17 2757 The HALF MOON was owned by Dutch East India Company and sailed by Henry Hudson.. Hudson sailed northeast in April 1609. When blocked by ice, he disregarded explicit orders and sailed his ship, the , across the Atlantic to search for a Northwest Passage    . NY
Charting the Sea of Darkness : The Four Voyages of Henry Hudson (Kodansha Globe)
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Hannah Schooner Hannah was equipped, outfitted and armed in Beverly, Massachusetts, and commissioned by General Washington on September 2, 1775. She set sail three days later under the command of Captain Nicholson Broughton of Marblehead, from Beverly's Glover Wharf as the first armed vessel in Washington's Navy. She captured her first prize on September 7, 1775.
Harvey Gamage 131 23 6000 Two Masted Schooner built in 1973 in South Bristol, ME. Dedicated to sea education NY
T/S Havden 87 23 3900 Is an 3-masted schooner. She is built as Lidan in Sjotorp, Vanern 1943. T/S Havden has sailed as a schoolship since 1991.   Our sailingschools are primary for teenagers 14-18 year old. For 1997 T/S Havden is sailing Nordisk Seglats(Lysekil, Arendal, Hirsthals) and the last route of Tall Ships Race(Stavanger to Gothenborg).  
Hallowe'en na na na Fullrigged iron clipper ship built in 1870 by Maudslay, Son & Field, London,  na
Haukur 78 14   Schooner Haukur was built in Reykjavík in 1973 and was one of two very special boats constructed in the shipyard “John at Eleven”. For many years the boat fished from the Western Fjords of Iceland before North Sailing bought the boat in 1996 converted into a two mast sailing ship, similar to the fishing schooners of Iceland Iceland
Hawila 109 22 4456 Built in Norway 1935 as an sailing/motor cargo vessel.Owned by MBV a Swedish sailtraining organisation. Sweden
Hawaiian Chieftain - 103 22 4200 Gaff-rigged topsail ketch  a replica of a typical European merchant trader of the turn of the nineteenth century. Calif
Hector na na na construction of a full-scale three-masted sailing ship, a replica of the Hector that carried the early pioneers from Loch Broom, Scotland in 1773.  Nova Scotia, Canada Photo
Helga Holm 66 na na Helga Holm is a full scale replica of a medieval long ship, found at the excavation s on Helgeandsh olmen in central Stockholm in 1979-80. Helga requires a crew of 15-25 people. Her home harbour is the Bosö Boat Club on the island of Lidingo in Stockholm. Sweden
Heritage 140 24   working schooner designed along the lines of a 19th century coaster. launched April 16, 1983, was built with the comfort of passengers in mind Maine

 a Jacht

Heemskerck expedition sent to discover the size and shape of the South Land began with a set of instructions issued to Abel Tasman, one of the VOC’s (Dutch East India Company) most skilful sailors, in August 1642.

Helen MacLeod II the last commercial sailing vessel on the Great Lakes, is now being restored by the Bayfield Historical Society. She was crafted in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada on the shores of Lake Huron between 1923 & 1926 following the lines of the Great Lakes Schooner
Helena 127 21.7 na oceangoing youth sailing ship meeting modern requirements and combining them with glorious sailing traditions Finland
Herbert Norkus' 314 46   1902-1936 Four-masted barque built of steel by Rickmers AG, Bremerhaven, as a sail training ship. 
Herzogin Cecilie A four-masted barque built of steel in 1902 as a sail training ship. 344'8×46'3×24'2", 3111 GRT,
Highlander 154 25.2   Grand Bank Topsail Schooner with a round wine glass bottom and full keel, overhanging transom design and Carvel wood planked construction.  She was built in 1924 at the Yard of James and Tarr Shipwrights of Essex, Massachusetts.   The vessel's design was created by Starling Burgess.
Highlander Repair Photos 2005
Hindu 80 na na Hindu was designed by William Hand (as in the Schooner Bodoin) and built in 1925 by Hodgkin Bros., Boothbay, Maine. Hindu. She is 61' 3'' on deck 80' overall  owned by  MA
Holandia 118 21 na Dutch clipper build in 1914 in Raamsdonksveer. In 1987 it was renovated for passenger trade Her home port is Harlingen
Hougomont, 294 43 na 1897-1932 Four-masted steel barqueRigged with royal sails over double top and topgallant sails.  
Hornet This clipper ship was built in 1851 by Westervelt & Mackay, New York. Dimensions: 207'×40'×22' and will carry 1426 tons of freight. Launched June 20, 1851
The Saga of the Clipper Ship HORNET
Horton On September 1, 1871 the Gloucester fishing schooner Edward A. Horton, while on a trip to the Cape Shore for mackerel, was seized by a Canadian Cutter for fishing inside the three mile limit.
Light Schooner na na na The " light Schooner" is designed by Philip C Bolger, na
Lettie G Horward 84 20.8 4,082 Built in 1893 at Essex, Massachusetts, the Lettie G. Howard is a type of fishing schooner once widely used along the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Texas. The Lettie, which operated out of Gloucester, Massachusetts for her first eight years,  My space Photos NY
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Edna Hoyt na na na An American five masted schooner lying off Cardiff. Courtesy of the Welsh Industrial and Maritime Museum, Cardiff Bay. N.A.

India na na na Sailing Ship the INDIA Lost at Sea 1841 na
Inland Seas 80 17 1800 (ISEA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a floating classroom where people of all ages can gain first-hand training and experience in the Great Lakes ecosystem. Mich
Iris Iris was built in 1916 and is a fine example of the last generation of sailing luggers. In 1929 she received her first engine and was converted into a commercial trading vessel, then based in Denmark she sailed for 40 years on the Baltic Sea.
 Isabelle  38 na na   A 38 foot long two-masted schooner, the ISABELLA, has been commissioned by William Greene, from South Dartmouth, MA. Schooner Isabelle old fashion launch  Ma
Isabelle 83 18 3000 Ketch. Wood. U.S.A.; Newport, Rhode Island. Built 1924 by William Fife, Scotland. RI
Iskra 170 26 7320 ( ex St. Blane; ex Vlissingen) 3-masted gaff schooner. Steel. Poland. Built 1917 by G. Muller, Foxhol, Holland Poland.
ISLA EBUSITANA 109 21 4500 schooner na
Island Rover 113 22 na Future topsail Schooner Island Rover.We have a very special concept in construction and mission completion date is planned for spring 2004 Maine
J & B 60 15 na gaff rigged schooner fitted with topsails, 12 years old operating in Newfoundland as a tour vessel. Every atempt is made to sail schooner out to see icebergs and whales
J.S. Williams J.S. Williams (ex-Phoenix)
The scow schooner J.S. Williams began her career as the Phoenix (U.S. Registry 20224). Built in 1868 by L.Reed in Henderson, New York, she was 121.4 feet in length, 26.1 feet in beam, with a 8.2 foot depth of hold and a gross tonnage measurement of 211-78/95 tons (Old Measure). The Phoenix typified many of the Great Lakes schooners built after the Civil War,
Jacob Meindert 123 25 na Top Sail Schooner Netherlands
Jacobstads Wapen 132 25 5400 The two-masted gaff-schooner Jacobstads Wapen was built in 1988- 1994 in Jakobstad, Finland. She is built according to the oldest existing shipdrawings in Finland (from 1755), made by the famous Swedish naval architect Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1720- 1808). Finland.
James Cook 71 na na Bermudan Ketch built 1987 England
James Craig 231 31 11000 Three-masted Barque rig launched in 1874 in England now under restoration in Australia
Jakatan 40 gaff-rigged schooner named "Jakatan" The schooner was designed by Bob Perry and built by Jespersen Boat Builders in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. The boat was completed in August 2007 after two years of construction  Ca
Jean de La Lune 103 na 4000 The STS Jean de la Lune is Scotland’s only working square rigged tall ship. the 110 foot brigantine Originally built in 1957 in France whe worked as a fishing vessel as far as the Azores' tuna ground Scotland

Jeanie Johnston

124 NA NA recreation of the Irish Emigrant Ship. Built in Quebec City in 1847,she travelled to Quebec,and other North American ports transporting the Irish fleeing the great potato famine. Ireland
Jens Krogh 82.5 16.5 2300 In 1899 this type of vessel was quite new and designed for deep-sea-fishing in the North Sea and Kattegat Denmark

Ji Fung

133 NA NA Brigantine by wood craftsmen in Hong Kong owned by the Hong Kong Outward Bound School Hong Kong
John Jacob Astor 78 22 na 1834-1844 The is one of the most historic wrecks on Lake Superior. The brig was used to supply the early outposts around Lake Superior. Mi.
Juan Sebastian de Elcano 352 na 31530 Spanish Navy training ship a four-masted top-sail schooner, with square-rigged foremast, the ship has 20 sails built 1927  Spain
John Ena built by Robert Duncan in Glasgow, Scotland in 1892 at a cost of $135,000. This tall ship, an all steel, four-masted bark which many seaman considered to be the fastest vessel in the Hawaiian Islands, registered at 2,842 tons, 312 feet long, 48 feet wide and reached a depth of 25 feet. In a good breeze she was capable of a 14 knot stride. Upon her maiden voyage in 1895, The John Ena was registered in Honolulu and flew the Hawaiian flag. She was owned by the San Francisco Shipping Company and named after a prominent Chinese-Hawaiian merchant of Hawaii.
Irving and Exy


90 The Los Angeles Maritime Institute (LAMI) began construction of two 90 foot brigantines in January, 2000. The project is currently underway at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum in John Gibson Park, San Pedro, California. The Brigantine Boatworks is a visitor friendly "working waterfront," set up as a living history exhibit of the museum.The vessels are designed to be "state-of-the-art" youth sail training vessels with onboard laboratory, library and meeting areas.  Grounding of Irving Johnson
on 21 March, 2005 the Brigantine Irving Johnson ran aground in Channel Islands Harbour, California. This is a short collection of various pictures taken of that event.   
Joseph Conrad 100 25 na  1874-1946 -A full-rigged sail training ship na
Jylland was built in Denmark in 1914. Originally named N.E. Schmidt - - she hauled cargo, including salt fish and coal, for most of her career. Later, renamed Jylland, refitted her to carry passengers and rerigged as a three-masted topsail, gaff-rigged schooner. worked the tourist trade throughout the West Indies until she tragically sank in the Caribbean Sea west of Union Island in May 1980.

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