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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Kalmar Nyckel

Kalmar Nyckel, a three-masted armed pinnace (warship), brought the first permanent European settlers from Sweden to the Delaware Valley in 1638. Carrying 24 men from four countries (Sweden, Finland, Holland, and Germany), it landed on the banks of the Christina River, near what is now East Seventh Street in Wilmington. The site became known as "The Rocks." This landmark can still be seen today at Fort Christina Park.

Tall Ships: An Internation directory

by Thad Kuza

Tall Ships is the first full-color, English-language guide to the international fleet of sailing ships. With photographs and descriptions of 150 vessels, Tall Ships pictures virtually all the major class "A" ships and many American as well as European class "B" and "C" vessels

Kalmar Nyckel
Photo by Thad Kuza 401 846-5274
Schooner Kathryn B 105 19.1 3000 new steel-hulled 105-foot, three-masted, gaff-rigged topsail schooner. Charter Maine
Kaisei 151 25 .na Brigantine The epic voyage, representing the birth of KAISEI, titled the "Voyage of Re-Discovery," unfolded in England in Spetember 1991. The 16-month delivery passage to Japan consisted of 29 voyage legs and logged a total of 30,657 miles. Close to 600 trainees representing 11 nations Japan
Kajama 140 na na three-masted gaff-rigged schooner a steel-hulled cargo vessel with a wineglass stern. She was built as a sailing  ship in 1930 in Rensburg, Germany in the daysail, sunset cruise and corporate charter business at the Toronto Harbourfront Canada
Kapella 126 29 NA Barkentine. Steel. Country:Russia. Built, 1948, Finland Ru
Kaliakra 160 na 9905 Barkentine built 1984 Bulgaria
Kalmar Nyckel 105 NA NA A replica of the 17th Century Swedish ship (317 tons) which brought the first Swedish colonial settlers to Wilmington, Delaware, Delaware,
Kaiwo Maru 365 NA NA 4 masted barque Gross Tonnage: 2,556 Launched:1989 Japan
Kanrin Maru* 217 NA NA The present "Kanrin Maru" is a Barque replica built in Holland in 1989 The original was the first full scale western style warship in Japan. "Kanrin Maru" accompanied the vessel carrying the Tokugawa Shogunate*s envoy to America in 1860 Japan
Kaskelot 153 28 9500 a 19th century three-masted barque, one of the largest remaining wooded ships in commission. Built by J. Ring Andersen in 1948, for the Royal Greenland Trading Company, supplying the remote East Greenland coastal settlements. In the late 60ís worked as a fisheries support vessel in The Faroes. UK
Kathy Ann 48 na 1000 cruising schooner Mass.
Keewatin 72 na na 72'  main gaff topsail schooner Offering full fair accommodations for up to 6 passagers, also offers a sail training program for up to 16 students. Bahamas
Khersones 361 29 27710 Three masted barque build 1988 at the Stocznia Gdanska in Gdansk (Danzig), a Training ship for the education of young officers and for   touristic passengers. Ukraine
Kitty Originally built to transport cargo along the East Coast and to the continent, Kitty was a working barge until 1938, predominantly used to carry grain including barley, malt and cattle feed.
HMS Kronan na na na A Swedish 126 gun warship built in Stockholm by the English shipwright Francis Sheldon and launched in 1668. (history by _Bruzelius) na
Krusenstern 375 46 36597 (ex Padua) 4-masted bark. Steel. Built, 1926   The last cargo-carrying four-masted bark to be built Russia

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