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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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Sailing Ships

Pinky Schooner Resolution
Resolution Regina Chatterina



Rachel Shipwreck



    Schooner (3 masted topsail) feet a in Moss Point Ms in about 1917 by the De Angelo Shipyard  Rachel Shipwreck  
Rachel B. Jackson 67 na 2500 gaff-rigged topsail schooner is a working replica of an 1890's coastal schooner.... built and launched in Maine in 1982 Maine
Rainbow 'Rainbow' And 'Endeavour'
'Rainbow' And
Dews, S
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1897, Rainbow was the first modern schooner built in Britain. Orr-Ewing set out to build the fastest schooner afloat and a yacht that would be equally suited to both racing and cruising; the result was destined to become one of G. L. Watson's greatest

Rainbow (Schooner)

Rainbow 159 31.9 na Clipper ship built of wood in 1845 na
Raindancer II: 75 19 Na 2 masted full keel schooner. Built by Stevens, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada na
Ranger Ranger, like its captain   John Paul Jones, remains   intriguingly mysterious. Originally named "Hampshire" for its port of origin, the ship was contracted among the first fleet of the new American navy. Wealthy builder John Langdon fashioned it after his privateer vessel "Portsmouth".
"Reindeer" NA NA NA Clipper Ship: Launched at the shipyard of Donald McKay, East Boston, for George B. Upton, John M. Forbes and Sampson & Tappan, Boston. Wrecked on a coral reef neer Iba on the coast of Zambales, P.I., NA
Rattlesnake The Revolutionary War privateer Rattlesnake Original Rattlesnake-1780 the only fully-rigged ship berthed south of Baltimore and is Jacksonville's Tall Ship. It exists today as a symbol of Jacksonville's maritime history, which began in 1562 with the French Huguenot colony at Fort Caroline at the mouth of the St. John's River. The Rattlesnake is currently moored in the St. John's River in Jacksonville, Florida Fl
Reef Cheif 65 na na Built from the finest cypress and teak in 1972, Fl
Rhea- 91 17 na Baltic Trader topsail gaff ketch (charter) Eng
Red Witch - 77 na na  Schooner built in 1987  doing charter work from Chicago Il
RENDEZVOUS (brigatine) 78 16 na Her net tonnage is 32 with gross tonnage being 55 tons. The keel was laid in 1933 and she was launched in 1935. Built in Seattle Calif
Regina Chatterina 110 24. 5000 Built in 1915 as a fishery now in charter trade na
Regina Maris 139.5 25 5920 Regina Maris ("A Three-masted Barkentine ") began her long and storied life in 1908 as Hull # 100 from the renowned J. Ring-Andersen shipyard in Svendborg, Denmark NY
Resolution 48 11.5 900 : Resolution is a Pinky Schooner, rigged with a marconi main, gaff foresail, forestaysail, jib and a fisherman topsail operated by the Baltimore/DC/Annapolis maritime history group Ship's Company ( She is gradually being re-outfitted to represent a circa 1800 armed naval tender or despatch schooner and is available for waterside events in the Chesapeake Bay Annapolis, MD
Result 102 21.5 na Iron three-mast schooner built in 1893 by Paul Rodgers & C(history by _bruzelius) Ireland
Return of Marco Polo 143 22   Schooner 1927 England
Risoer II 48 18 1320 Buildt as a sailing liveboat for the norwegian lifeboat association in 1914, as a substitute for Risoer, which sank in 1913  
J&E Riggin 120 23 NA Two masted schooner originally built in Dorchester, N.J. for the oyster dredging trade. Maine
Roald Amundsen 165 26 8500 Built in 1952 as a NVA tank logger in Ro▀lau/Elbe, rebuilt in 1992 as a brig by the society "Learning to Live on Sailing Ships" e.V. in Wolgast. Germany

(new  Rose Site)

179 32 13000 a replica of a mid-eighteenth century Royal Navy frigate which figured in the Colonial and Revolutionary history of the United States.a full rigged ship 3 masted with sq sail on each The original "HMS" Rose was built in Hull, England in 1757. Conn
Roseway 137 25. 5600 Gaff Schoooner two masted built 1925 Maine


110 21 4520 Brigantine Romance,built as a galeas (Baltic Trader), Danmark in 1936.  Used in many movies She suffered extensive structural damage from Hurricane Luis 1995 , NA
Romance of the Sea na na na Clipper Ship  na
Anna Rogde- Schooner 118 22 4400 launched 1868 d. She has thus a long and rich history and there is a reason for her to be called "the sailing queen of Norway". Norway
Rouse Simmons 125 na na "The Christmas Tree Ship," lumber schooner captained by Herman Schuenemann loaded with Christmas trees On November 22, 1912, in winter storm sank off Two Rivers Wis.

History of Christmas Tree ships

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Royal Clipper 439 54 52000 The first fully-rigged square-rigger with five masts since her inspiration, PREUSSEN, in l902. Preussen was the largest sailing vessel ever built to that time. Fully rigged means squaresails on each of the masts. Royal Clipper approximates Preussen in all major measurements. She is by farthe largest true sail vessel afloat anywhere today
TS Royalist 99   4329 Brig launched1971 owned and operated by the Sea Cadet Association, Eng
Royaliste 71 na na Square topsail Ketch, Ont.
Ruth Swedish baltic trader built 1914 called 'Ruth' based Penzance harbour UK
RUTH  E. MERRILL The sixth of the six masters schooners was built at Bath in 1904

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