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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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S Sailing Ships
STATSRAAD & EUROPA, 4 October 2001, in NYC

photos by Thad Koza  

The Star of India    the world's oldest ship still able to go to sea. Built at Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man in 1863. Iron ships were experiments of sorts then, 

photos by Thad Koza  

HMS SURPRISE from the movie, Master and Commander.
Formerly the HMS ROSE ! 

photos by Thad Koza
 This third segment takes Jack Aubrey to the Indian subcontinent, where both the waters and the terrain are full of unfamiliar dangers. There is, however, a prize in the offing: a flotilla of French ships sent to attack the China Fleet. If Aubrey and Maturin can intercept the French, their fortunes will be made. But can they? Join Captain Aubrey on the quarterdeck and find out for yourself. This text refers to the  Paperback edition. Audiobook Review
 The stakes are high as HMS Surprise opens, and actor Robert Hardy's sterling reading never lets you forget them. Hardy makes Patrick O'Brian's third novel of highseas adventurewritten in 1973 and set mainly in 1805 on the waters surrounding India and the Orientseem as immediate as an overdrawn checking account. Money plays a big role, and Captain Jack Aubrey stands to make a lot of it. All he has to do is find Napoleon's fleetand take their gold away from them. (Running time: three hours,... read more This text refers to the  Audio Cassette edition.
 The year is 1815, and Europe's most unpopular (not to mention tiniest) empirebuilder has escaped from Elba. In The Hundred Days, it's up to Jack Aubreyand surgeoncumspymaster Stephen Maturinto stop Napoleon in his tracks. How? For starters, Aubrey and his squadron have been dispatched to the Adriatic coast, to keep Bonapartist shipbuilders from beefing up the French navy. Meanwhile, one Sheik Ibn Hazm is fomenting an Islamic uprising against the Allies. The only way to halt this maneuver is to intercept the sheik's shipment of goldbecause in the Napoleonic era, as in our own, even the most ardent of mercenaries requires a salary. 

 The Hundred Days is the 19th (and, we are told, the penultimate) installment of O'Brian's epic. Like many of its predecessors, it features a fairly swashbuckling plot, complete with cannon fire, exotic disguises, and Aubrey's suspenseful, slowmotion pursuit of an Algerian xebek. Yet it never turns into a mere exercise in Hornblowerism. Partly this is due to O'Brian's delicate touch with characterthe relationship between extroverted Aubrey and introverted Maturin has deepened with each book, and even Aubrey's reunion with his childhood companion Queenie Keith is full of novelistic nuance:
 After several installments of gallivanting around the South Seas, Aubrey and Maturin return home to England, where the surgeoncumintelligenceagent discovers that his wife has disappeared. As if such a domestic crisis weren't enough, the intrepid pair are also dispatched to the Gulf of Guinea (to suppress the slave trade) and to Ireland (to rebuff an impending French invasion.) O'Brian's stunning range, coupled with his mindbending command of minutiae, explain why  James HamiltonPaterson has called him From Publishers Weekly
 This entry in O'Brian's late18thcentury seafaring series will delight fans, while offering newcomers a good place to jump in. Here Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin are assigned to help a Polynesian queen in her struggle with a Napoleonbacked rival, and a female convict is smuggled aboard by a midshipman in Australia. 
Copyright 1993 Reed Business Information, Inc. 

From Kirkus Reviews
 The musings and adventures of 18thcentury sailors Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin (The Ionian Missionary, The Surgeon's Mate, et. many al.) follow the winds to the South Pacific. On this cruise: a shipboard wedding and a Polynesian dustup. With Britain between wars for the moment, Captain Aubrey shifts his flag to The Truelove, a merchantman with a military past, and sails to Sydney and points east on a leisurely semiofficial cruise. As usual, Jack is accompanied by his friend Maturin,... read more This text refers to the  Hardcover edition.



ex Albert Leo
296 . . Three-masted bark, Built in 1937 in Hamburg, Germany, . Taken over by the Americans who deeded her to the Brazil. Now belongs to the portuguese Navy.Sailing Ship Portugal
Saint Paul 55 12 2000 Russian longship , Captain Michael Poboronchuk and his wife Irene recreated the 18th century expedition of Vitus Bering who discovered Alaska and the West Coast of America. Russia
 Salty Dog 57     Salty Dog is a Bill Garden designed Porpoise and is featured in his Yacht Design book. As well, Salty Dog was featured on the cover of Good Old Boat magazine in 2002.  Canada
Santa-Maria 98 26 2700 The Columbus Santa Maria is a working replica of Christopher Colubus' flagship. It is located on the Scioto River in downtown Columbus, . Ohio
Santo Andre 318 25 37615 (ex Sagres I; ex Flores; ex Rickmer Rickmers) Bark. Steel. Portugal. Built 1896 at Bremerhaven. Port
Sea Lion


62 13 1300 The Sea Lion, a reproduction of an early 17th century English merchant vessel, Launched in 1984 after eight years of work using only the tools and techniques available in the 17th century, she is considered to be one of the most accurately finished reproductions of a period vessel in the country NY
Sea Safaro III, na na na Pinisi Schooner Bali
SSV Robert C. Seamans. 134.5 25.4 8554 Brigantine be built in Tacoma for Woods Hole  she will be the first research vessel of her kind ever to be built in the United States. She will represent the culmination of nearly 30 years and 660,000 miles of experience in offshore passage-making Mass.
Alan Bowyer - Sea Witch
Sea Witch
Alan Bowyer
Buy This Art Print At
Sea Witch Tea Clipper 69 days from New York to Valparaiso; 50 days from Callao to China; 75 days from China to New York. Distance run by observation from New York to Valparaiso, 10,568 miles; average 6 2/5 miles per hour. Distance from Callao to China, 10,417 miles; average, 8 5/8 knots per hour. Distance from China to New York, 14,225 miles; average, 7 7/8 knots per hour. Best ten (consecutive) days' run, 2,634 miles; 11 1/10 knots per hour
Sea Wolf 74 na na classic topsail schooner FL
SEDOV 387 48 43244 (ex Kommodore Johnsen; ex Magdalene Vinnen) 4-masted bark. Steel. Russia. Built 1921 by Germania Werft (Friedrich Krupp), Kiel Rus
Shahab Oman 175 28   Brigitine Oman
Shenandoah 152 23 7000 2-masted topsail schooner. Wood. U.S.A.. Built 1964 by Harvey F. Gamage, South Bristol, Maine. She was built from the plans of the 1849 U.S. customs cutter JOE LANE. Mass
Shearwater 82 na 2550 a classic Maine Schooner, built by Rice Brother Corporation in East Boothbay back in  1929 a time when yachting was a rare combination of elegance and adventure NY
Sherman Zwicker 142     This 142 foot wooden schooner was built in 1942 in
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia for the Zwicker and Co., by the Smith and Rhuland Shipyard. The Sherman Zwicker was one of the first, and last of itÕs kind to be built. This modern transition vessel was designed with a schooner hull similar to the famous Bluenose
Shining Sea 236 na na design and build the new clipper Shining Sea. When completed this ship will be the largest wooden square-rigger under sail in the worldand majestic sail plan will equal that of Donald McKay's Flying Cloud.. the most famous and best loved clipper of them all. Mass
cover Donald McKay and His Famous Sailing Ships
Richard C. McKay / Paperback / Published 1996
Our Price: $11.16 ~ You Save: $2.79 (20%)
McKay (1810-1880) was a 19th century ship-building genius who brought the American clipper ship and other vessels to what some consider the acme of perfection. This is an unabridged and slightly altered republication of the work originally published by G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, in 1928 under the title Some Famous Sailing Ships and Their Builder Donald McKay which was written by one of the great builder's descendants. Includes 58 b&w illustrations and four in color. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
Sigrid Storråda 79 18 760 a sailing replica off the Viking Longship Gokstad Sweden
Sigyn 149 29 10000 a wooden three-masted barque, was launched in Gothenburg in 1887. At first, she sailed the oceans under the Swedish flag visiting ports in such remote places as Canada, Africa, and South America. Later, she transported timber on the Baltic and North Seas. Since 1939, the Sigyn has served as a museum ship in Turku currently being restored in Marienhamn. Sigyn, Finland
Sir Francis Drake 165 23   3 Masted Top sail schooner built in 1917 Carib
Silent Lady 64   1500 Charter Schooner Pacific
SIMON BOLIVAR 270     barque in Spain in 1980 Venezuela
Silva 130 24   Built at Karlstads Mekaniska Verksta, Sweden as a three-mast steel schooner. During the first 2 decades of her life, she was used in the Scandinavian fishing industry, with regular trips to Iceland. In the 1960’s Silva was refitted as a bulk freighter, having her sailing rig removed. Silva continued coastal trading until 1994 and remained in Sweden until the summer of 2001 when Canadian Sailing Expeditions bought her and delivered her, for the first time, to North America. Nova Scotia
Silvery Light       1884 Herring Drifter, now based in Eyemouth  
Solway Lass 127 20 5500 Built in Holland in 1902 of German Steel with Timber decking as a sail powered cargo vessel.

Originally named Stina. In 1905 sold and renamed to "Adolf", working in and around the Baltic and North Sea. In 1915 Solway Lass was seized as a prize of war by the British and used as a Q-Ship during WWI. At the end of WWI, "Solway Lass" (SL) worked as a coal merchant, produce and stone carrying vessel between Liverpool England and Scottish Ports. In 1924 sold to a Scottish firm in the Solway Firth where she was renamed SL. When WWII broke out the Germans seized SL as a prize of war where she was used to supply their armed forces. During the war SL hit a mine and was badly damaged, however the Germans refloated and repaired her because SL was useful as a sail-powered icebreaker. After WWII Solway Lass served in the South Pacific as a Cargo Vessel. In 1983 a Sydney Businessman purchased SL in Fjii. Between 1983 and 1985 SL was totally rebuilt and in 1988 took pride of place in the 1st Fleet re-enactment of the Tall Ships into Sydney Harbour.
Sophia Christina 62 foot overall wooden schooner modeled after an 1870's Boston pilot schooner. Built in 1983
Sorlandet Full-rigged ship. Steel. Norway, Kristiansand S. Built 1927 L-196 B-31 SA-10,765
Southern Cross
A 277 ton, 44.5m long bargue-rigged Norwegian sealer Pollux was obtained and renamed Southern Cross left England and steaming via Hobart, Tasmania, it arrived at Cape Adare on 17 February 1899. the British Antarctic Expedition were to be the first to spend a winter on the continent.The Southern Cross Expedition (1898-1900)
cover cover cover cover cover
Time on Ice : A Winter Voyage to Antarctica Endurance : Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition Endurance : Shackleton's Incredible Voyage Alone : The Classic Polar Adventure Shackleton's Boat Journey
Sovereign of the Seas 258 45   An extreme clipper ship built in 1852 on speculation by Donald McKay, East Boston, MA, USA. -USA
Sovereign of the Seas na na na English three-decked 100-gun ship built by Phineas Pett 1637. Dimensions: 127'×46.6'×19.4', 1522 tons. (history by _Bruzelius) na
Skibladner II 88 18 2538 (danish) gaff ketch build in denmark in 1897 Denmark
Spirit of Adventure The Spirit of Adventure Trust was formed in 1972 when Auckland businessman Lou Fisher commissioned the Spirit of Adventure and gifted her to the youth of New Zealand. Since that time, the Spirit of New Zealand has taken the Spirit of Adventure's place, but the Trust’s aim remains the same: To provide the youth of New Zealand access to a character development
Spirit Of Independence 80 17 1736
Schooner Spirit Of Independence is located in Portsmouth,VA. U S Coast Guard certification is now finished and charter operations 
will start spring of 2009.
Spirit of South Carolina The initial project of the SCMHF will be to construct a traditionally built ‘big timber’ pilot schooner reminiscent of an unnamed 1850’s pilot schooner built by Pregnall & Company Shipyard on Charleston Harbor. This tall ship will be built using the traditional indigenous woods of coastal South Carolina including live oak, white oak, and long leaf yellow pine, S.C
Stad Amsterdam NA NA NA 300 ton clippership construction in Amsterdam   Info from Red Sky
Stephen Taber 68
22.5 2700 Launched in 1871, the Stephen Taber epitomizes the classic coasting schooner. Charter Information Maine
Spike Africa 75 15.5 2040 Spike Africa was designed and built by Master Mariner Bob Sloan in his Costa Mesa backyard. She was launched in 1977 in Newport Beach. The ship was named after Bob's good friend Spike Africa, the famous schooner sailor and self-proclaimed "President of the Pacific Ocean". Calif
Spirt of Massachusetts 125 24 7000 two masted topsail schooner model after grand banks fishing schooner Mass
Sri Noa Noa Na na na Bugis schooner Bali
Sir Francis Drake 140'
17 8500 Schooner built in 1917 restored in 1988 Charter Information BVI
Sir Winston Churchill 154 25 . Schooner England
Soren Larsen The Largest wooden brigatine in commision one of the most magnificently restored. Built in 1949 northern Denmark in by Soren Larsen & Sons at Nykobing Mors. Constructed entirely of oak she was massively built with oak outer planking on double oak frames with an inner hull planking of oak, 

SL142 B25 SA7000 


Tall Ship Soren Larsen - star of The Onedin Line is now sailing in New Zealand - this was taken on a 5 day adventure on east coast of the North Island. See for full info and how to sail with her.
Statsraad Lehmkuhl 321 41 . 3-masted steel bark, built by Johann C. Tecklenborg AG in  1914 as a training ship Norway
Star Clipper The first passenger sailing vessels to be classified by Lloyds since the early 1900's. true sailing ships worthy of the clipper heritage
Star Flyer
The Star of India

The Star of India is the world's oldest seafaring ship and one of many boat attractions in San Diego. Built in 1863 at Ramsey Shipyard in the Isle of Man, it was an experimental design utilizing iron instead of wood.  Launched as Euterpe, a full-rigged ship named after the Greek goddess of music, the ship's initial voyages involved some rough sailing.  Her first trip included a collision and mutiny. She came face to face with a cyclone  in the Bay of Bengal on her second journey. Her topmasts cut away, she barely made port. Following that, the first captain died on board and was buried at sea. 

Stad Amsterdam The Stad Amsterdam is a contemporary version of the revolutionary 19th Century clipper ships, built for speed in carrying cargoes across the oceans. The ship represents a partnership between the City of Amsterdam and the private company Randstad who had the idea to build a modern clipper                    Info by red Sky on Stad Amsterdam Amsterdam
Stockholm Brig The original ship Gladan was built in 1857 for the Swedish Navy as a cargo ship. From 1881 she served as a training ship. The last Swedish brig was destroyed in 1959 and today not one original brig survives in Sweden. Thus this replica is being built.




135 30   Barkentine . Built:, Burma; 1840. Once advertised as the oldest merchant vessel afloat and a convict ship Retired in 1939 at Port Clinton. Later burned by arsonists 1946 Schooman site on Success
Sultana 97 17 na SULTANA is one of the earliest examples of schooner building in North America and was the smallest schooner ever to be registered on the Royal Navy Lists. As a vessel of mixed American and British heritage, has roots on both sides of the Atlantic and was on the scene when Md
Suomen Joutsen na na na was built in France as a cargo vessel in 1902. After various phases, she served as a training ship for Finnish Navy and, finally, as a naval trade school. In 1991, the frigate was made into a museum ship. na
Surprise 57 12   Schooner built by the Waddell shipyard in Rockport, Massachusetts  In early 1918,for Martin Kattenhorn, began her life as a racing and cruising Gloucester Fisherman yacht. Now does day cruises in Camden harbor Maine
HMS SURPRISE 179 32 13000
from the movie, Master and Commander.
Formerly the HMS ROSE !
Susan Constant 116 24 3902 3-masted bark. Wood. Built 1991 recreation of ship that set sail from England in 1607 carrying the first pilgrim colony to American soil. Vir.
Svanen 67 na 5500 Bermudan ketch built 1960 Denmark
Svanen af Stockholm 73
na 3500 centerboard staysail schooner na
Swan Fan Makkum 202 na 15000   At 62 metres the Swan fan Makkum is the world’s largest brigantine and the biggest two-masted ship. Built in 1993, she was designed in the style of a traditional windjammer Info from Red Sky on Swan Fan Makkum Holland
Swift of Ipswich 70 18 5166 The Swift a Baltimore Clipper type a fast sailing vessel, . Calif
Sylvina W. Beal 84 17 2200 The Sylvina W. Beal sails from Eastport, Maine, and is part Eastport  Windjamers fleet .The vessel was built in 1911, in East Boothbay Harbor, Maine at the the Frank J. Adams Yard. Launched as a two-masted 84 ft. wooden fishing schooner, she fished in the herring industry from 1911-1980.As one of the few remaining vessels of her type, to sail aboard the Sylvina W. Beal is to step back in time.

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