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 List of schooners and other sailing ships

 List of schooners and other Sailing ships
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WELCOME  Square Topsail Sloop be reconstructed by MHA
WINDY Zodiac

Zebulun Presently under construction in Washington state. All aluminum construction, twin bilge keels, twin rudders, twin engines, 3 masted high aspect ratio sails. Beautiful and fast. Designed by Mike Kasten.

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HMS Warrior 420 58 na 1860. Ironclad. The very first 'iron-clad' warship ever built was launched from the Thames IronworksWarrior began active service most inauspiciously. She froze to the slipway when she was launched England
Wanderer Replica of a 1903 grand banks fishing schooner. Hand made around 1986, it is constructed of spruce, mahogany, and fir. At sixty feet in overall length, and a main mast height of 48 feet,and a 15' top mast Flordia
Wander Bird 102 na na Wander Bird "Pilot Boat No.5" of the Elbe A Schooner Born in 1883 Sailing Into the Millenium Calif
Wanderbird 90 21 SV Wanderbird was built as a classic North Sea fishing trawler by the H. de Hass shipyard in Maassluis, Holland. She was launched as beam trawler for the Jaczon's, a Dutch fishing family, in 1963 and fished until 1990 Maine
Walross III Berlin 58 15 NA Sloop


170 38 na A Swedish 64-gun warship built in Stockholm launched in 1627. The dimensions of the ship were 47,70x11,20x4,75 m. the most powerful ship of her time. Capsized on her maiden voyage (history by _Bruzelius)
Wavertree 279 40 31495 built at Southhampton, England in 1885 for R.W. Leyland & Company of Liverpool, one of the last large sailing ships built of wrought iron. Today, she is the largest afloat. Wavertree was first employed to carry jute, used in making rope and burlap bags, between eastern India (now Bangladesh) and Scotland. NY
Wawona 156 36 na The Wawona is one of only three surviving three-masted schooners in the U.S. She was built for service in the booming Pacific Coast lumber trade. She called at tiny lumber ports up and down the coast, often loading cargo "under the wire" from coastal cliffs. She entered the fishing trade in 1914, working the fisheries off the Alaska coast and in the Bering Sea. na
WELCOME 90 16 na Square Topsail Sloop be reconstructed by MHA Mich
Welcome 62 Schooner replica of the United States Revenue Cutters using Howard Chapelle's historical drawings as reference. These were schooners built by George Washington and Alexander Hamilton in 1795 for the purpose of collecting customs SC
We're Here      
of the movie Captains Courageous, (released in 1937) was a real ship, owned and captained by one Captain Edward Byard of Sargentville/Sedgwick. Jake
says it was built in Essex, Massachusetts before 1880.
Westenwind 81 16.5 Two masted clipper built in 1910 as a sailing freight ship. In 1971 she was converted to a charter ship. Netherlands
Western Union 135 24 5000 Schooner built in Key West in 1939 as a cable-ship for Western Union Telegraph Co. . She was bought by World/Life Explorations in 1974, and went to Camden, In 1984, was aquire by Vision Quest and became the NEW WAY is back in Key West and has her old name back. Fl
Westward  125 22 7000 Westward has a distinguished place in the history of American sail training and education. A 125 foot steel staysail schooner, Westward was designed by Eldredge-McInnis Mass
 Westward 135 27 12000 The Westward ex Hamburg II  schooner commissioned by Alexander S Cochrane designed and built in 1910 by Nathaniel Greene Herreshof in his yard in Bristol, Rhode Island. 
Westwind 66 14 1500 constructed at the Treworgy Yacht Co. of Palm Coast, Florida in 1992 using a hull design similar to "turn of the century" East Coast fishing schooners which were known for the speed and seaworthiness necessary for being first in port to sell their "catch of the day". Mi
Westy 50 OD 14 na THE SEED is in the process of restoring the schooner westy. OR
Welvaart 104 20 Twin masted clipper charter   Netherlands
Wendameen 90 17 2400 The Wendameen is the first schooner designed by the legendary John Alden.Built in 1912, she now charters on the waters of Penobscot Bay. Mass
na na na na Windjammer Barefoot Cruises na
When and If 85 na na Schooner Ma
White Star 212 21 na Clipper ship built and named as Blue Jacket, by  W. & R. Wright at St. John, New Brunswick in 1854
Willie Loutit Photo of  Schooner Willie Loutit aground off Grand Haven Michigan 1902
Windy 148 25 4839 Four Masted Gaff Rigged Schooner sailing out of Chicago
Windy II 150.5 25 7380 Rig: Convertible Four Masted Gaff Rigged Barquentine/Schooner sailing out of Chicago
Wolf 74 15 2500 74' topsail schooner built in 1982-1983 in Panama City, Florida by Master Builder Willis Ray and Finbar Gittelman, Rear Admiral and 2nd Sea Lord of the Conch Republic. Designed by Merit Walter, the WOLF is a Norfolk Rover class steel hull schooner.

Woodwind III

74 16 1800 Both schooners are kept in Annapolis year round. We sail from mid-April through the begining of November Designed and constructed by Scarano Boat Building Dn Albany, New York
Wutuku 57 19 Topsail Gaff rigged Ketch 'Wutuku'. She was built in 1986 in Lemon Tree Passage, NSW, Australia. She is 17.4 metres long with a beam of 5.7 metres and draws 1.68 metres
Yankee 80 16 3000 Since she was built in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1982, the celebrated Schooner "Yankee" has sailed from many ports, from East Port, Maine to St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.
Zebu 110 22 4800 Brigantine                                                                                                   UK
Zebulun Presently under construction in Washington state. All aluminum construction, twin bilge keels, twin rudders, twin engines, 3 masted high aspect ratio sails. Beautiful and fast. Designed by Mike Kasten.
ZEETO  Built 1954, by a building architect in Sarasota, Florida, after
a design by Howard Chappelle for an 1850's fishing schooner.  ZEETO
means "long live the king" in Greek.  It sailed the Caribbean as a
private vessel for many years, making its way to Boston, where it was
advertised as "the three-masted vessel in Boston Harbor without
cannons," and was chartered. In the late 1990's, it came to Lake
Superior where it was chartered until 2002.  Its present owner, Doug
Hansen of Minneapolis, MN, renovated the vessel to exceptional
condition and sails it around Lake Superior.
Zodiac 160 26 7000 Schooner

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