Sandbagger Picture Order Information

Rosenfeld, Stanley
31.5" x 23.6"

Sandbaggers  a type of broad shallow open or partly decked  center bord boat sailing boat which originated around the 1850  They carried tremendous sail area for their size . The ballast was in the form of canvas bag of 50-60 pounds of gravel that the large and active crew moved each time the boat tacked. The hulls of the boat were 20 to 30 feet long, the base of their sail could measures more twice the length of the hull,carrying up to 1600 square feet of sail.  The Annie owned by Mystic Seaport hull is only 29 feet long, but overall it is nearly 70 feet from the end of her bowsprit to the tip of her boom carries 1,313 square feet of sail. They were raced on the Hudson River and along Connecticut, Long Island shores, and New Orleans during the last half of the nineteenth century, the sport died out--because of the necessary size of the crew and the immense labor involved as well as a change in the racing rules in 1885

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