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Dictionary of Boating Sailing, Schooners, Naval, Ships, Boat and Seafaring Terms

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Daggerboard - A blade shaped centerboard that is lifted out of a case when raised. Usually only suitable for small boats.
Daybeacon -A fixed navigation aid structure used in shallow waters upon which is placed one or more daymarks.
Daymark -A signboard attached to a daybeacon to convey navigational information presenting one of several standard shapes (square, triangle, rectangle) and colors (red, green, orange, yellow, or black). Daymarks usually have reflective material indicating the shape, but may also be lighted.
Davits: -small cranes, usually located aster, that are used to raise and lower smaller boats from the deck to the water.
Dead ahead -Directly ahead.
Dead astern-Directly aft or behind.
Dead reckoning-A calculation of determining position by using course speed last known position
DEADEYE A block with three hole in use to receive  the laniard of  a shroud or a stay to adjust tension.
deadhead -- a floating log
Deck -A permanent covering over a compartment, hull or any part of a ship serving as a floor.
deck plate -- a metal plate fitting on the deck that can be opened to take on fuel or water
Deep-Vee - A hard chine power boat having a 15 degree or more angle deadrise at the transom.
Sailing Dingy Dinghy  A small boat, usually carried on hauled behind a bigger boat
Displacement-The weight of the water displaced by the vessel.
Displacement hull- A type of hull that plows through the water, displacing a weight of water equal to its own weight, even when more power is added.
Displacement speed hull speed. The theoretical speed that a boat can travel without planing This speed is 1.34 times the length of a boat at its waterline.
Ditty bag: - a small bag for carrying or stowing all personal articles.
Ditty Box: Small wooden box, with lock and key, in which seamen of R.N. keep sentimental valuables, stationery, and sundry small stores.
Dock -A protected water area in which vessels are moored. The term is often used to denote a pier or a wharf.
Dodger A wind or water screen many time of canvas to protect  the watch from the weather
Dog - Lever like handles found on hatches and bulkhead  doors when turned force the unit to be water tight . OR V. 
Dog Watch
-Half watches of two hours each, from 4 to 6 and from 6 to 8 P.M. to prevent a person from standing the same watch every day.
Dorade-A horn type of vent designed to let air into a cabin and keep water out.
Dory-Small, flat-bottomed rowing boats manned by one or two fishermen. Used for cod-fishing off Newfoundland. The name is derived from the Portuguese pescadores meaning fishermen
DOUBLE HEADSAIL RIG - Two sails forward of the mast as in a cutter.
Downhaul-A rope used to haul down jibs, staysails and studding sails.
Double Sheetbend -Join small to medium size rope. 
douse To drop a sail quickly
Draft-The depth of water required float a vessel
Drift- A vessel leeway

'Rainbow' And 'Endeavour'
'Rainbow' And 'Endeavour'
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Royal Victoria Docks Docklands London Barge, 1934
Royal Victoria Docks Docklands London Barge, 1934
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The View Along The Main Deck Of Parma
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