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Dictionary of Boating Terms

Dictionary of Boating Sailing, Schooners, Naval, Ships, Boat and Seafaring Terms

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Launch - A large, open motorboat
Lanyard - A short line used for making anything fast
Latitude - The distance north or south of the equator measured and expressed in degrees.
Lazyjacks: - lines from topping lifts to under boom which act as anet to catch the sails when lowered.
Lazarette- A storage compartment  in the stern.
League - measure of distance three miles in length
Lee - The side sheltered from the wind
lee cloths - a cloth hung on the lee side of a berth (the down side when the boat has heel to it) to keep one from rolling out of their bunk
lee shore -- a shore that wind blows onto; it is best to stay well off a lee shore in a storm
leeward --The direction away from the wind. -downwind
Leeway -The sideways movement of the boat caused by either wind or current.
LeechAfter edge of a fore and aft sail
lifeline -- stout line around the deck of the boat to keep crew from falling overboard
list -- inclination of a boat due to excess weight on one side or the other
Lines: - ropes used for various purposes aboard a boat.
Lizard- A short line with a loop or a block which another line may be run.
Lodestone- The stone or magnetized iron that was the early compass 
Lodestar -a guiding star such as the north star
Log a navigation instrument used to estimate a ship's speed.2A record of courses or operation.
Longitude - The distance in degrees east or west of the meridian at Greenwich, England
Lookout-Some one that is stationed on deck to observe and report what he see and hears.
Loose-footed-sail  a fore and aft sail that is not secured to boom.
Lubber's line
-A mark or permanent line on a compass indicating the direction forward; parallel to the keel when properly installed.
Luff Up-To steer the boat more into the wind, thereby causing the sails to flap or luff
Lyle Gun-A line-throwing gun is a short-barreled cannon designed to fire a projectile attached to a rope to a boat or victim in distress








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