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Dictionary of Boating Terms

Dictionary of Boating Sailing, Schooners, Naval, Ships, Boat and Seafaring Terms

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Painter -A line attached to the bow of a boat for use in towing or making fast
Parcel a rope - Is to put a narrow piece of canvass round it before the service is put on.
Patent Log
Mechanical devise used for measuring the distance a vessel has sailed It is also called a Taffrail Log
Pay out: - to feed line over the side of the boat, hand over hand.
PEAK- Outer end of the gaff -upper aft corner of a gaff sail
Pennant - a triangular flag
PFD Personal Flotation Devices (PFD), better known as life jackets
Pier -A loading/landing platform extending at an angle from the shore.
Pigstick-The staff at the truck of the mainmast from which a pennant is flow

Pilothouse: - a small cabin on the deck of the ship that protects the steering wheel and the crewman steering.
Piloting -Navigation by use of visible references, ,
Pinch - to sail as close as possible towards the wind
Pintle- a vertical  pin forming part of the hinge of a rudder. it may fit in to a gudgeon or ring on the sternpost
Pirate -
One who commits piracy by engaging in robbery, pillaging, or plundering at sea 
The act of taking a ship on the high seas from those that own it.
Pitch -1. The alternate rise and fall of the bow of a vessel proceeding through waves;2. The theoretical distance advanced by a propeller in one revolution;3. Tar and resin used for caulking between the planks of a wooden vessel.
Pitching-The movement of a ship, by which she plunges her head and after-part alternately into the hollow of the sea.
Pitchpoling -boat being thrown end-over-end in very rough seas.
Planing hull -A type of hull shaped to glide easily across the water at high speed.
Preventer- line and/or tackle which limits the movement of the boom, usually for the purpose of preventing accidents or-An extra rope, to assist another-
Propeller -A rotating device, with two or more blades, that acts as a screw in propelling a vessel.
Planking: - wood boards that cover the frames outside the hull.
Point - to turn closer towards the wind (point up)
Port - left side of the ship when facing forward
Port tack - sailing with the wind coming from the port side, with the boom on the starboard side
Privileged vessel - the ship with the right of way
Purchase - Any sort of mechanical power employed in raising or removing heavy bodies. Purchase To purchase the anchor, is to loosen it out of the ground



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