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Wake - Moving waves, track or path that a boat leaves behind it, when moving thu the water
Water-line- The line made by the water's edge when a ship has her full proportion of stores, and crew on board.
waterline length - The length of the boat at the waterline.
Weigh - To haul up; as, weigh the anchor.
Wheel: - device used for steering a boat
whip - To bind the strands of a line with a small cord.
Whisker pole - a light spar which holds the jib out when sailing downwind.
White Caps - Foam on top of waves
Whole Gale -Wind velocity of 48 to 55 knots  {force 10 on Beaufort scale)
Wide berth - To avoid something by a large distance.
Winch - a  small horizontal  drum device used to assist in hoisting.
Wind scoop - A funnel used to force wind in a hatch and ventilate the below decks area
Wing and wing-The situation of a fore-and-aft vessel when she is going dead before the wind, with her forsail hauled over on one side and her mainsail on the other.
Windjammer - a non- nautical term describing square rigged sailing ships and large sailing merchantman, especially in the last day of commerical sailing. The orginal term windjamer was intented as insult from the crews of steamships. The return insult from the sailors was stinkpotter.
Windlass - A mechanical device used to pull in cable or chain, such as an anchor rode.
Widow-maker: - a term for the bowsprit (many sailors lost their lives falling off the bowsprit while tending sails).
Windward - upwind
wing and wing - A method of running before the wind with two sails set. Usually the mainsail on one side and the fore or headsail on the other, or one headsail on each side.
 Worming  Wind a small rope in the contlines of the strands of cables, shrouds, or stays ; and spunyarn in those of ropes



Yacht A sailboat or powerboat used for pleasure, not a working boat.
Yankee: - a fore-sail flying above and forward of the jib, usually seen on bowsprit vessels.
Yard - a spar usually fixed horizontally to a mast to support a square sail.
Yardarm-That part of the yard that lies between the lift and the outer end
Yarn-A sea tale.
Yawl boat: - smaller powered boat used to provide steerage-way when not under sail.
Yawing - The motion of a ship when she deviates from to the right or left.


Zenith-The point of the celestial sphere which is directly overhead.
Zephyr-A gentle breeze. The west wind.
Zodiac-Trade name for inflatable boat.
Zula time --GMT- Greenwich Meridian Time, also known as Universal Time




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