[Image]Vegesack BV 2,

Oldest european herring drifter


5.1895 built by Bremer Vulkan, Lange yard, Bremen-Grohn, NB 350, as steel saillogger Vegesack BV 2, for Bremen-Vegesacker Fischerei-Gesellschaft, Vegesack, homeport Vegesack, 73.75 GRT, 66.37 NRT, 20.24 x 5.38 x 2.82 m, callsign QGBN, used as herring fishing vessel (drifter) at the North Sea from May to November

1897 after loss of anchor and chain towed into Geestemünde by steam trawler Butjadingen

1901 demasted, towed into Cuxhaven by steam trawler

4.1906 lengthened at Bremer Vulkan by 1.70 m, donkey-boiler installed to drive the netwinch, now 87.58 GRT, 63.67 NRT, 22.08 x 5.40 x 2.84 m

8.1914 laid up in Bremen-Vegesack due to World War I

1918 after World War I still laid up

3.1921 sold to Capt. Carl Wilhelm Wolff, Bremen, homeport moved to Bremen

5.1921 converted to cargo-vessel at Conrad Lühring Shipyard (?), Brake, Class GL +100A4K, trading North- and Baltic Sea up to Sundsvall in Northern Sweden

4.1922 sold to Capt. Johann Hinrich Kultzen, Brake, renamed Lili after the name of Capt. Kultzen's wife Adeline

5.1923 first engine (made 1922) installed, Deutsche Werke, 2s2c 36hp, in Hamburg-Harburg (?), 90.01 GRT, 58.58 NRT

8.1924 sold to Wilhelm Boelstler & Co. GmbH, Hamburg, homeport moved to Hamburg

10.1925 sold to Capt. Heinrich Jürgen Freudenberg, Moorege near Uetersen, homeport moved to Uetersen, Capt. Freudenberg usally has his family on board when the ship is trading in the Western Baltic

10.1932 homeport moved to Hamburg

2.1939 sold to PR (Per Helge Hedberg and Capt. Algot Olsson), Norjeby, Sweden, renamed Lilli, homeport moved to Sölvesborg, Sweden, callsign SELG, Reg.No. 8324, 93.81 GRT, 64.41 NRT, 22.64 x 5.41 x 3.00 m

4.1941 new engine installed: De Laval 60hp

5.1945 sold to A/B Import-Export, Harro J. Harssen, Malmö, renamed Monika Harssen, homeport moved to Malmö

15.12.1945 during a voyage from Ystad to Gothenburg with a cargo of 126.5 tons rye, she was making water in the engine room and driven ashore at the rocky coast of the island of Getterön, near Varberg, all 5 crewmembers were rescued, later she was salvaged and repaired

2.1951 sold to P/R (Niels Nostell, Stockholm and Mrs. Vira Broander, Fårö, Gotland), principle owner Niels Nostell, renamed Nostra, homeport moved to Stockholm, under the command of Capt. Herman Ödman, Hamra, Gotland, she is mainly trading with general cargo between Stockholm and the island of Gotland in timecharter for Gotlandsbolaget from April to November, the rest of the year she is laid up

1953 new engine installed at Fårösund: 2c Alpha Diesel, 100hp, ex danish fishing vessel Mogens (stranded near Farö February 1953)

4.1966 sold to AB Sjöliner, Stockholm, Capt. Otto Magnusson and Capt. Arne Widlund, Visby/Gotland

12.1966 sold to Västernorrlands Lans Ländsting, Härnösand, for conversion as training vessel for the local seamans training school

1967 bottom renewed, welded

1971 ownership moved to Härnösands Kommun Skolstyrelsen

1975 new engine installed: Volvo Penta MD 70 B, 4s4c 130hp

1978 laid up

12.1979 sold to Mrs. Friederike Laar, moved to Hamburg for restoration, homeport moved to Hamburg, Germany

9.1982 restoration in Hamburg completed, sailing vessel Nostra, gaffketch rigged, sailarea about 350 m², homeport Hamburg, callsign DINY, 83.72 GRT, 44.85 NRT, 22.14 x 5.42 x 2.67 m, LOA 35.40 m, draft 2.50 m, chartered to Das Rauhe Haus, Hamburg, for social work with young delinquents, trading from Hamburg to Portugal, Madeira, Canary Islands, Western- and Eastern Mediterranean Sea

9.1984 timecharter terminated, used as yacht, mainly laid up in the museum-harbour Oevelgönne, Hamburg

9.1989 sold to the club Maritime Tradition Vegesack Nautilus e.V., renamed VEGESACK BV 2, homeport Bremen, used to represent Vegesack and Bremen during maritime events and for charter trips on North- and Baltic Sea

1995 celebration of 100 years VEGESACK BV 2, she is following the traces of her history by calling the ports of Sölvesborg, Malmö, Visby, Stockholm and Varberg, Mrs. Vira Broander is visiting her old vessel during the vessels call to Visby

11.1996 new tonnage according to London 1969 rules: 73 GT, 22 NT

2002 in service

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