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Windjammer a non- nautical term describing square rigged sailing ships and large sailing merchantman, especially in the last day of commerical sailing. The orginal term windjamer was intented as insult from the crews of steamships. The return insult from the sailors was stinkpotter.

Windjammer and Sea Art

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Yankee Clipper Cardelia
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Cutty Sark
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Windjammer Books

Windjammer Cooking ~ Usually ships in 24 hours

Dee Carstarphen / Paperback / Published 1989
Our Price: $11.95
Hale G. Joy, Book Review Editor, The Ellsworth American, January 1990
"For anyone who enjoys simple down-to-earth cooking as well as the romantic windjammers, this is a must. As tasteful as the recipes is the segment on the windjammers themselves, for in this the reader is given a description of the ship, the wonderful old iron cook stoves and the weekly schedule for those who pay good money each summer to ply the waters off the Maine coast... Whether you are a practicing sea-goer or an armchair romantic, you'll get a lot of satisfaction from this book. As good as food tastes while on the water, there's nothing holding you back from trying some of these ambrosial delights in your own kitchen back on land. I think this deserves a place alongside your favorite cookbooks."

Book Description
A cook's-eye-view of a typical windjammer cruise off the coast of Maine. It evokes the special ambiance of New England, the excitement of sailing a large vessel, the bracing salt air that sharpens appetites, and the groaning galley tables that are an essential feature of these vacations. The bountiful fare is cooked up on an old iron wood stove which takes special handling to operate. A story line of a week's cruise, plus many, many recipes. Windjammer Cooking also contains a 16- page field guide to many of the New England Windjammers.

From the Publisher
This title celebrates one of the most unusual and authentic vacation experiences available in New England - coastal cruises aboard traditional sailing vessels with the opportunity of joining the crew in handling the ship.

From the Author
Windjammer Cooking is not a cookbook in the traditional sense, although over half the book is devoted to recipes. Rather, I wanted to share the complete experience of life aboard. A good part of that life centers around food, and I definitely felt cooking on a wood stove deserved a special section. The many pen & ink drawings that run through and around the text help the reader move into the adventure of sailing along the Maine coast.

Windjammer Watching on the Coast of Maine : A Guide to the Famous Windjammer Fleet and Other Traditional Sailing Vessels ~ Usually ships in 24 hours

Virginia L. Thorndike / Paperback / Published 1996
Our Price: $11.95
Customer Comments
Eric Alfred Burns from Wolfeboro, NH , August 26, 1999
An excellent guide to Maine's heritage on the water!
Thorndike loves the Maine waters and everything about it, it seems. Her book is concise, entertaining and full of the history of Maine's Windjammer fleet -- not only how they became Windjammers, but the lives these grand schooners led before those days. Informative, and a window to an era and a part of Maine's... and our collective... heritage.


Windjammer and Sailing-Ships Books


Fantome, Windjammer  Lost at sea

On October 26th After evacuating her passengers , Fantome left Belize City in an attempt to avoid Hurricane Mitch's fury. When last in contact with its owner, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises of Miami Beach, on Oct. 27 they were experiencing 100-knot (110-115 mile per hour) winds and 40-foot waves the four-masted ship was 10 miles south of Guanaja Island off the Honduran coast. A Coast Guard C-130 airplane began searching the waters east of Honduras Thursday night  10/29/98 as soon as the bad weather cleared. The search resumed Friday morning 10/30/98, with the Honduran navy joining the effort Coast Guard suspended its efforts on after six day of searching

The Fantome,(ex Flying Cloud) is among the world's largest four-masted schooners.   LOA  282 Feet  Beam 45 Feet Sail area 18,525 Sq Feet.  Can accommodate 128 passengers, was built in 1927 for the Duke of Westminster  Sold to Englishman A.E.. Guiness in 1937, he changed her name to Fantome III. In 1956 she was sold to Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate. He planned to make it a wedding gift to Princess Grace of Monaco. But the present was never delivered because Onassis was not invited to the wedding. Instead, the Fantome was towed to Germany and then to Spain, where she deteriorated for 17 more years

The ship joined the Windjammer family in 1969 and underwent a $6 million renovation.


Windjammer Barefoot Cruises Official Web Site  - Windjammer Barefoot Cruises is the largest operator of Tall Ships in the world. The 7-ship fleet includes Amazing Grace, Flying Cloud, Legacy Mandalay, Polynesia, and Yankee Clipper, sailing year-round on 6 and 13 day cruises to more than 60 ports-of-call throughout the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, West Indies, Belize and Honduran Bay Islands.

Windjammer: The Maine Windjammer Association  - Sailing along the Maine coast is a windjamming cruise vacation. For a yachting adventure on a schooner involving history and education, take a MWA outdoor sailboat trip.

Windjammer   - "America's Windjammer" Click for a larger image The magnificent Victory Chimes -- the only original three-masted schooner in the famed Windjammer fleet -- is the last of her generation, a noble reminder of the Age of Sail.

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